The 3 worst valued cards in Topps 1965

This blog entry is about the 5 worst valued cards in the Topps 1965 set. I'm also including runner ups in this category.

How did this post come about? Well, I have my baseball card collection is now on hold.  I have packed up my over 50 thousand cards while I prepare to move to my new home.  But while packing and sorting my Topps 1965 collection, I stumbled on some cards of players I new little about.

But first I would like to mention players that did not quite make it to the least valuable cards list. There was some redeeming reason in their career that makes their card value a low common. None the less, their career WARs were pretty bad:
Name WAR Team Card# Dalton Jones -3.9 Red Sox 178 Dave Nicholson 0.5 White Sox 183 Jim Coker -0.1 Reds 192 Jim Stewart -1.2 Cubs 298 Vic Roznovsky -0.8 Cubs 334 Joe Christopher 0.2 Mets 495 card #1 of the worst 3
First of which is of Bob Meyer (card # 219) of the …

Binders that I have put together

Here is a list of baseball card binders that I have put together, or in the act of putting together.
1965 Topps               1 binder
1967 Topps               1 binder
1970 Topps               1 binder
1975 Topps               1 binder
1977 Topps               1 binder
1978 Topps               1 binder
1979 Topps               1 binder
1981 Fleer               1 binder
1982 Topps               1 binder
1983 Topps               1 binder
1984 Topps               1 binder
1985 Topps               1 binder
1985 Donruss             1 binder
1986 Topps               1 binder
1986 Fleer               1 binder
1986 Donruss             1 binder
1987 Topps               1 binder
1987 Donruss             1 binder
1988 Topps               1 binder [in progress]
1988 Fleer               1 binder
1988 Donruss             1 binder
1988 Score               1 binder
1989 Standard Topps      6 binders [all 6 completed]
1989 Standard Fleer      2 binders [in progress almost complete]
1989 Donruss      …

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My hobby status [with updates].

I am still putting binders together of 1989 Fleer and 1993 Upper Deck and it is going slow.  Making lots of boxes of extra cards that I can sell or trade.  I'm trying to put any significant sets in binders now.  I'm also purchasing and bidding on 1965 Topps cards again.  Just purchased a Topps 1965 Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente, and a Mickey Mantle.  I have bids on Topps 1965 Willie Mays and Eddie Mathews.  Likely hood I get either is very remote. So what stinks here is I'm watching prices rise again as the hobbie has become much more popular in 2020.  That whole supply / need thing.  I'm OK with only a few people enjoying this hobby. LOL
Update Sep 1, 2020. Lost the bid on the Willie Mays and Eddie Mathews, but found another Willie Mays.
Update again Sep 1, 2020 My 1993 Upper Deck binders are done.  2 full binders. One binder 100% full and the other 97% full.  


A new mile stone has been reached with over 15,000 baseball cards cataloged. a little overwhelming with so many cards to go.  Still not close to getting halfway done.  I may never finish cataloging.   The next set I'll be working on will be something different than 1989 and something other than Topps.  With 9,000 total Standard 1989 Topps cards, it is skewing the collection statistics.  I plan on trying to sell about 4,000 of those including Hall of Fame players.    What it has come down to is that I feel I don't need more than 5 sets of those cards.  As far as some of my other massive sets Fleer 88, Fleer 89, Fleer 90, Fleer 91, Topps 88, Topps 90, Donruss 89, Donruss 90, and Donruss 91 - I will probably only keep 2 sets each of these sets.
On another note, I have continued to make improvements to my website, both visually and utility wise.  The core of the database itself, nothing new.

Updates on collection and room.

What else is going on with my card room and collection?
1) I have just started rearranging my storage room that currently stores binders of many a thousands of baseball cards.  I'm planning on putting up new lighting and a switch installed for the lighting.  I'm also planning on purchasing some new binders to replace older failing binders.  While doing that, I'm going to be reprinting many new labels for these binders with a uniform labeling.
2) Once I wrap up the Topps 1989 card sets, it will be time to start tackling all the Upper Deck sets that I own from 1989 to 2000.  Most of these are completely uncatalogued.  I suspect I own more than 50,000 cards.  After cataloging these, I will have a better feel.
3) I'm going to have to expand my baseball card database again and add another volume.  I'll continue to fill up the existing volumes until then.

1989 continued

This is what over half way done looks like. Less than two boxes left to sort and store in the binders.

Yes, I have marked a milestone with my Topps 1989 Card project. I have sorted through over half now. It is looking like I have nearly 10 complete sets of this collection. When I have all the cards in all 10 binders, I will then start to catalog them. I don't expect the cataloging will take nearly as long as sorting all these cards.

I don't often talk about baseball card supplies but I have purchased a new 9 pocket card pages by Titanshield. I have used quite a few different brands before and at various price points, but this company is a first. I was very pleased with the purchase for the price vs quality. These pages are just the right mil in thickness. so many are either too thin or too thick. The textured back for flipping pages is also a nice touch. Paid $19.99 for 100 on Amazon.