First Time....

For the first time I will be selling a large amount of surplus sports cards at a hobbies/craft show in Bloomington IL on December 7th at the Lafeete Club. I will be selling unopened packs of baseball cards, baseball card singles, football card singles, NASCAR singles, Hockey singles, and more. I'm still working on coming up with the giveaway prize.

Cubs room (progress)

This is a small update. Yes, there is still work happening in the Cubs room - Although slow. Resorting and distributing thousands of baseball cards is time consuming. Additionally I still have more bins to purchase and raisers. I'm also taking this time to re-photo my collections.

Update on Cubs HoF collection.

First on the list, Ryne Sandberg

Hall of Fame / MVP / 10x All-Star / 9x Gold Glove / 7x Silver Slugger /ML PoY
WAR 68.0 / H 2386 / HR 282 / R 1318 / RBI 1061 /SB 344

59 cards between make years of 1983 and 1996

I have not updated the blog recently on Ryne, I have purchased total of 9 Ryne Sandberg cards in 2019 and I'm closing in on completion on my Ryne Sandberg collection.  I currently have 59 cards of which 48 are unique.  Given that I don't have any 1995 cards of Ryne, there are at least 10 cards from 1995 that could be added.

Second, Andre Dawson

Hall of Fame / MVP / Rookie of the Year / 8x All-Star / 8x Gold Glove / 4x Silver Slugger
WAR 64.8 / H 2774 / HR 438 / R 1373 / RBI 1591 / SB 314

40 cards between 1978 and 2012.

I believe I have purchased 2 or 3 Andrew Dawson cards in 2019 bringing up the total to 40 cards.

Next, Lee Smith

Hall of Fame / 7x All-Star / 3x Rolaids …

Cubs room update -3

As little time as I have to put towards the Cubs card room, this project looks to be slow going.  So just another small update.

Below is a photo of snaps and blue ribbon to bind the top-loaders of the teams sets that I purchased.

Here is a photo of the new shelving to display team sets and various Cubs art.

Baseball card room redo - post 2

This is a status update before photos:

1) I have the display shelves ordered and should be here Oct 22nd or 23rd.

2) All walls are painted.

3) All cards have been moved back to the house and back in the room

4) All 60 Cubs team sets have been selected for display out of my over 130 Cubs Team sets.

Redoing Cubs baseball card room

I have been quiet on this blog, but I am completely redoing my Cubs baseball card room (and house). Currently, I have pulled everything out of the room. In order to better display my Cubs team cards, I'm going to to make a display consisting of numerous shelves that hold as many team sets as possible on each. Here is the layout that I have been working on:

2020 Cubs - End of Era

Here are my predictions. I think it is safe say to these individual will probably not be with the Cubs in 2020:

Pedro Strop - worst year yet in relief and closing. He is a free agent. With a 4.99 ERA in his contract year he is as good as gone.

Steve Cishek - 13 million contract price vs mediocre production. The Cubs will gladly let him enter free agency after his performance over the last two years.

Jon Lester - Continuously declining in performance. His record in 2019 does not show how horrible he truly was. Offense has bailed him out many times.

Brandon Morrow - Nobody cares why he will be gone and will soon forget he played for the Cubs.

Cole Hamels - He was to improve the overall pitching rotation. Cubs will part ways with him.

Nicholas Castellanos - the only player on this list the Cubs should fight for, but probably will not.

Ben Zobrist - Extremely reliable as player, but aged, becoming slow on the bases, and will not fit in future plans.

Ian Happ - 2019.... 'nuff said :(