1960's Topps Cubs team sets revisited

Why am I reposting about my 1960s Topps? Because I have made some significant adds this Winter including now having all of Billy Williams Cubs cards.
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Because I have written multiple applications to look at these team sets.
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1960 Topps Cubs (incomplete, 8 cards)

- Only landscape Topps set baseball card set to appear again until Topps 1988 Big set.
- One of the "Busiest" Topps designs of all times with altering text color and randomized color layout.
- One of my weakest Cubs sets concerning important Cubs players.
- Highlighted players (2):
- - Ernie Banks (67.5) and Walt Moryn (9.9)
- Link:

1961 Topps Cubs (incomplete, 11 cards)

- A favorite team set because it contains Hall of Fame rookies of Santo and Williams
- Vertical boxed layout that still utilizes a randomized color layout.
- Highlighted players (4):
- - Frank Thomas (18.5), Ron Santo (70.5), Billy Williams (63.7), Jim Brewer (15.9)
- Link: h…

Bunch of stuff.

On a personal level, I'm starting a new diet. Like in the past with health related stuff, I may log on my blog. I'm at 242 (as of tonight) and shooting for at least to go down to 210 - if not 200.

On a baseball card collecting level, I just acquired a 1965 Topps Ron Santo #110 in really great shape. I have all the cards I have been wanting for Topps 65, so I'm happy. That is the 15 primary cards for the Cubs 1965 team set. On the Cubs 1969 team set I picked up Ernie Banks. I possibly will have additional 12 1969 cards soon making the set mostly complete.

For displaying my collection, I added a ton of code to show all the major brands that I collect. I also added additional date logic.

I picked up MLB 09 The Show of my PlayStation 2 this weekend. Pretty fun, although I lost all three games I played so far. :)

Done with Flickr Part II

First, I forgot to wish a happy New Year! Another year of blogging to come!

Secondly, I have found it interesting that Flickr is claiming they are in financial trouble if they don't get more paying members. And here I'm saying I'm tired of Flickr and making my own replacement. I did start this before Flickr made their announcement. I continue to photograph completely over ad I added it to my site.

I have a working protocol. Currently it only uses three parameters (year, year1, year2), but I have more planned (team, brand). Currently the script defaults to Cubs and Topps.

An example of how to use the parameters to show a range (year1 and year2):

An example of how to use the parameters to show a single year:

Done with Flickr

I'm done with Flickr. Porn is starting to seep into baseball card groups, car groups, and everything else. Group admins can't stop it because there is a hole found in the system and Yahoo does not seem to care to fix the issue.  Additionally, I don't want to see people's cats laying on a chairs.<br />
<br />
I'm going to make my own repository again. Probably not going to use my old code, but start over. Not only am I going to start over with the code, but also the photos and retake them all. I'm going to also have a new naming conventions.<br />
<br />
So the fourth photo of cards from 1960 Chicago Cubs would be named 1960CHC004.jpg

New Nifty Script

I have written a new "nifty" script for my web site that displays all the cards cataloged per team.

By default, it shows the Cubs, but is programmed to show any team of choosing. For the larger teams, the script is rather slow as it processes a large amount of information. One of the coolest parts of the script is that is cross-references the players against two other tables that list players with a career WAR of 9 or greater and a table of Hall of Fame inductees. If the player matches these, a little icon will show by their name.

To see my Cardinals collection:

To see my White Sox collection: Sox

To see my Red Sox collection: Sox

Update on Cubs baseball card collection

With the purchase of a 1997 Ryne Sandberg Topps card, I now have cataloged 60 sandberg cards.  All between his rookie card in 1983 and his final card in 1997.

I thought it might be fun at this point to list my 3 favorite Cubs baseball cards for every year from 1960 to 2018. I still don't own any 2019 cards. I don't own enough card before 1960 to do this either for every year. So this does not take for ever, I will post 2 or 3 years each post. Hopefully I can get through this without giving up.

1960 Ernie Banks Topps #10 HoF Mordecai Brown Fleer #9 HoF Walt Moryn Topps #74 1961 Billy Williams Topps #141 HoF Ron Santo Topps #35 HoF Frank Thomas Topps #382

RH Fedora

I miss some old habits. Some things are just still better, faster, more fun. So I'm installing Red Hat Fedora. Why? First and for most, to get the tools I need to create a new FVWM Theme "Glassy Blue". Secondly, I miss that environment.

Creating window manager themes are fun. Look for ideas for a really good one, I found out tonight that my old FVWM page is still up and running... and advertised on other FVWM sites. I have no idea how to get to the HTML to even edit the page. But that is another issue all in it's self.

I've started the work on the theme already and it will be a little challenging. I would also like to update an older theme that I created called ruby. I'm wondering how gothic I can make a computer interface :)