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comparisons on 440+ HP cars [on going]

Car Engine HP Trans 0-60 Top Speed body ============== ====== === ===== ======= ========= ============ Ford GT 3.5L V6 647 7S-DCT 3.0 sec 216 MPH carbon fiber Mustang GT500 5.2L V8 760 7S-DCT 3.5 sec 180 MPH Steel Chevy Vette C8 6.2L V8 495 8S-DCT 2.9 sec ??? MPH fiber glass Chevy Vette C7 6.2L V8 460 8S-Auto 3.7 sec 185 MPH fiber glass 911 Carrera S 3.0L H6 443 8S-Auto 3.3 sec 191 MPH Car Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) ============== ========== ========= =========== ============ Ford GT 187.5 78.9 43.7 3,054 Mustang GT500 4,225 Chevy C8 vette 182.3 76.1 48.6 3,366 Chevy C7 vette 176.9 73.9 48.8 3,298 911 Carrera S 177.9 72.9 51.2 3,382

SUV mustang

This was just circulated and I'll leave this here. Not sure if this is a hate or love thing. Not sure if this is real or fake.  There have been rumors of this for a long while now. Most reactions that I have seen have been mixed.  I think the problem is that the Mustang brand from over 50 years have had some very defined parameters.  Everyone is very uncomfortable about breaking outside of those.

Manual transmission is terminal

The manual transmission is terminal and will be dead in a matter of a few short years. This is an easy argument to make. First, car companies and customers have always valued manuals in performance cars. Now Chevy and Ford are now abandoning the manual even on their fastest most powerful cars. The 8th generation mid engine Chevy Corvette will be 10 speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The Ford's GT500 power house Mustang will only come in a 10 speed dual clutch automatic transmission. Chevy and Ford claim that no human with a manual transmission can match a dual clutch automatic transmission, and they are correct. Secondly, high performance automatic 10 speed transmissions is not the only reason manuals are dying. The general population no longer wants them. In 1992, 25% of cars sold were manual. In 2012, 6.8% of cars sold were manuals. And in 2018, 3.5% of cars sold were manuals [Source Donut Media] Some sources say lower for 2018. Edmunds says manual transmissions

Cubs' half season report 2019

Every year I do a half season report, but this year is different. Different Stats: Best Cubs stolen base leaders (>=3 SB) Name S% SB CS Heyward 83% 5 1 Bote 80% 4 1 Rizzo 60% 3 2 Baez 50% 5 5 NL Central best stolen base leaders Name Team SB CS Yelich MIL 19 2 Wong STL 14 0 Marte PIT 13 2 Puig CIN 13 3 Cain MIL 10 4 Ozuna STL 8 1 Senzel CIN 8 3 That is a huge gap between the Cubs and other NLC teams. Cubs Most Hits Name AB H XBH AVG Baez 356 103 48 .289 Bryant 317 94 46 .297 Rizzo 316 86 38 .272 Heyward 289 77 24 .266 Contreras 259 74 33 .286 Error Leaders: Baez 10 Bote 10 Contreras 10 Bryant 9 Schwarber 5 Over all these Cubs are very weak in comparison to the leaders on other teams.

More thoughts on the 2020 GT500.

Most ridiculous issue in my mind is $10,000 option for stripes on the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500. There is NO OTHER manufacture that charges this price. Not even the exotic 500k cars manufactures...This is Ford saying we don't want to put factory stripes on this car. Have it done yourself for a faction of the price, but if you really want us to do it, hand over another 10k! Most most overblown non-issue with this vehicle is the 10-speed duel clutch automatic transmission. My take on this is Ford promised their fastest production car ever. You can not achieve this with a manual transmission. No human can outperform this transmission. Yes, people like the control that you feel with a manual, but once again, Ford promised the *fastest* production ford car in their history. They have promised certain numbers that will not be achievable with the manual. Ford is still getting beat at the line with all-wheel performance sports cars with less HP. I feel Ford still is missing thi