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free gaming

With the number of online games out there that can be played on the web, I'm not sure why there is a need to keep the old consoles. Today, I played some old classics I had not played in a while, even though I own the games.  I was just easier to load them on the computer.  There are quite a few sites.  On just two of them, I found the games I was wanting to play: Super Mario Bros: Donkey Kong Jr: Doom I:

New blogging system

Another small post to explain this new link for a different looking blog. I'm moving my blog from my internal php/xml system to google.  Why?  resources cost and I'm not willing to pay more for something that I acknowledge people are looking at much less since Facebook.  I will tag these posts like I have before, although google does not use icon tagging.  I will also continue blogging about the same topics.  I'm hoping will less restrictions, I will post more often.

Ristar - found a new-old fun game

Found a gem of a game today. One that I have actually had for a few years in my library of games.  The game is Ristar by Sega, for the Sega Genesis.  This game is can also be found on the At@Games 80 and 81 game consoles.  Additionally for the Steam platform. Ristar plays as a 2D side scrolling platform, similar to games like Commander Keen, Super Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games.  I'm not sure what found appealing about a star with legs and stretchy arms, but it was fun. Intro and game play that someone has recorded can be found here: Ristar's main ability is to reach out and grab things with his stretchy arms. He can use them to grab onto handholds, pick up and throw objects, grab and hurl enemies, or climb up poles and vertical walls.  Ristar can also swim, swing and hurl himself.  Just a fun game and recommend [thumbs up!].