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Baseball card database update and other stuff.

Topic: Personal I promised Maddison and Paige I would watch My Hero Academia. It is important for them that I see this show with them, so I'm going to give it a try. Topic: Baseball Cards I have moved all my code to point to my internal photo database. I have hundreds of photos up and I'm surprised on how little space it is taking up. Even though I have a fraction of the material up on my site, I will probably start to remove more photos from Flikr now. Topic: Linux There has been a very productive stream of development on the FVWM 3 front. I would not be surprised if there is not a Beta put out by the end of February. Topic: Mustang If there is one thing I would want to change about my Mustang, it would be the shifting. It is by far not the worst stick I have ever driven (1969 Chevy Camaro was), but it is far from the best. Seriously, that Camaro stick and clutch REALLY sucked. I found a fairly inexpensive short throw for my car at only $90-$110. But once I wat

My Top Cubs Card Count

Number of baseball cards I have for each Cubs Multi All-Star or Hall of Famer . 45 great players ordered by how many cards I have of each player. Line Number Item of Cards Name _ 1 1 Cap Anson 2 1 Mordecai Brown 3 1 Hack Wilson 4 1 Gabby Hartnett 5 3 Willson Contreras 6 3 Rick Monday 7 3 Ryan Dempster 8 4 Bob Buhl 9 4 Ben Zobrist 10 5 Glenn Beckert 11 5 Carlos Zambrano 12 6 Ron Cey 13 6 Dave Kingman 14 6 Larry Jackson 15 6 Kerry Wood 16 6 Fergie Jenkins 17 6 Don Kessinger 18 6 Alfonso Soriano 19 7 Jon Lester 20 7 Javier Baez 21 8 Starlin Castro 22 8 Bill Madlock 23 9 Larry Bowa 24 9 Ernie Banks 25 11 Lou Brock 26 13

Derek Jeter

Today Derek Jeter was inducted to the Hall of Fame. In addition to now being in the Hall of Fame, he was the Rookie of the Year in 1996. A 14 time All-Star. Won 5 World Series. 5 Gold Gloves. 5 Silver Slugger. World Series MVP and All-Star MVP I do have his 1996 Topps rookie card: 1996 Topps Standard 219 Derek Jeter NY Yankees Future Star His 2012 Panini highlight card 2012 Panini Tripple Play 057 Derek Jeter NY Yankees 2014 Topps Standard US002 Derek Jeter NY Yankees "All-Star card" His final card: 2015 Topps Standard RHR-05 Derek Jeter NY Yankees "First HomeRun 1996"

1960's Topps Cubs team sets revisited

Why am I reposting about my 1960s Topps? Because I have made some significant adds this Winter including now having all of Billy Williams Cubs cards. See billy cards Because I have written multiple applications to look at these team sets. See all Cubs cards 1960 Topps Cubs (incomplete, 8 cards) - Only landscape Topps set baseball card set to appear again until Topps 1988 Big set. - One of the "Busiest" Topps designs of all times with altering text color and randomized color layout. - One of my weakest Cubs sets concerning important Cubs players. - Highlighted players (2): - - Ernie Banks (67.5) and Walt Moryn (9.9) - Link: 1961 Topps Cubs (incomplete, 11 cards) - A favorite team set because it contains Hall of Fame rookies of Santo and Williams - Vertical boxed layout that still utilizes a randomized color layout. - Highlighted players (4): - - Frank Thomas (18.5), Ron Santo (70.5), Billy Williams (63

Bunch of stuff.

On a personal level, I'm starting a new diet. Like in the past with health related stuff, I may log on my blog. I'm at 242 (as of tonight) and shooting for at least to go down to 210 - if not 200. On a baseball card collecting level, I just acquired a 1965 Topps Ron Santo #110 in really great shape. I have all the cards I have been wanting for Topps 65, so I'm happy. That is the 15 primary cards for the Cubs 1965 team set. On the Cubs 1969 team set I picked up Ernie Banks. I possibly will have additional 12 1969 cards soon making the set mostly complete. For displaying my collection, I added a ton of code to show all the major brands that I collect. I also added additional date logic. I picked up MLB 09 The Show of my PlayStation 2 this weekend. Pretty fun, although I lost all three games I played so far. :)

Done with Flickr Part II

First, I forgot to wish a happy New Year! Another year of blogging to come! Secondly, I have found it interesting that Flickr is claiming they are in financial trouble if they don't get more paying members. And here I'm saying I'm tired of Flickr and making my own replacement. I did start this before Flickr made their announcement. I continue to photograph completely over ad I added it to my site. I have a working protocol. Currently it only uses three parameters (year, year1, year2), but I have more planned (team, brand). Currently the script defaults to Cubs and Topps. An example of how to use the parameters to show a range (year1 and year2): An example of how to use the parameters to show a single year: