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The 3 worst valued cards in Topps 1965

This blog entry is about the 5 worst valued cards in the Topps 1965 set. I'm also including runner ups in this category.

How did this post come about? Well, I have my baseball card collection is now on hold.  I have packed up my over 50 thousand cards while I prepare to move to my new home.  But while packing and sorting my Topps 1965 collection, I stumbled on some cards of players I new little about.

But first I would like to mention players that did not quite make it to the least valuable cards list. There was some redeeming reason in their career that makes their card value a low common. None the less, their career WARs were pretty bad:
Name WAR Team Card# Dalton Jones -3.9 Red Sox 178 Dave Nicholson 0.5 White Sox 183 Jim Coker -0.1 Reds 192 Jim Stewart -1.2 Cubs 298 Vic Roznovsky -0.8 Cubs 334 Joe Christopher 0.2 Mets 495 card #1 of the worst 3
First of which is of Bob Meyer (card # 219) of the …

Binders that I have put together

Here is a list of baseball card binders that I have put together, or in the act of putting together.
1965 Topps               1 binder
1967 Topps               1 binder
1970 Topps               1 binder
1975 Topps               1 binder
1977 Topps               1 binder
1978 Topps               1 binder
1979 Topps               1 binder
1981 Fleer               1 binder
1982 Topps               1 binder
1983 Topps               1 binder
1984 Topps               1 binder
1985 Topps               1 binder
1985 Donruss             1 binder
1986 Topps               1 binder
1986 Fleer               1 binder
1986 Donruss             1 binder
1987 Topps               1 binder
1987 Donruss             1 binder
1988 Topps               1 binder [in progress]
1988 Fleer               1 binder
1988 Donruss             1 binder
1988 Score               1 binder
1989 Standard Topps      6 binders [all 6 completed]
1989 Standard Fleer      2 binders [in progress almost complete]
1989 Donruss      …

New FVWM..... FVWM 3 is released!!

vwm3-1.0.0 releasedRepository: fvwmorg/fvwm3 · Tag: 1.0.0 · Commit: 5c920c3 · Released by: ThomasAdamThis is the first public release of Fvwm3.Migration from Fvwm2 -> Fvwm3Every effort has been taken to ensure backwards compatability with Fvwm2 as much as possible. Although the configuration syntax remains the same, there some breaking changes with this first release of Fvwm3. Details are below...Incompatible ChangesThe following are changes or features in this release of Fvwm3 which are known not to work or are incomplete in some way. In each case, more information can be found by looking at Fvwm3's issue list.EdgeScroll -- can behave strangely if using more than one monitorPanFrames -- can sometimes be placed inconsistently around monitor borders, meaning switching desks/pages with >1 monitor can sometimes misbehave;FvwmPager -- moving windows within the pager can sometimes make them appear in a different location to where they should be.Core dependencies required to build…

My hobby status [with updates].

I am still putting binders together of 1989 Fleer and 1993 Upper Deck and it is going slow.  Making lots of boxes of extra cards that I can sell or trade.  I'm trying to put any significant sets in binders now.  I'm also purchasing and bidding on 1965 Topps cards again.  Just purchased a Topps 1965 Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente, and a Mickey Mantle.  I have bids on Topps 1965 Willie Mays and Eddie Mathews.  Likely hood I get either is very remote. So what stinks here is I'm watching prices rise again as the hobbie has become much more popular in 2020.  That whole supply / need thing.  I'm OK with only a few people enjoying this hobby. LOL
Update Sep 1, 2020. Lost the bid on the Willie Mays and Eddie Mathews, but found another Willie Mays.
Update again Sep 1, 2020 My 1993 Upper Deck binders are done.  2 full binders. One binder 100% full and the other 97% full.  


A new mile stone has been reached with over 15,000 baseball cards cataloged. a little overwhelming with so many cards to go.  Still not close to getting halfway done.  I may never finish cataloging.   The next set I'll be working on will be something different than 1989 and something other than Topps.  With 9,000 total Standard 1989 Topps cards, it is skewing the collection statistics.  I plan on trying to sell about 4,000 of those including Hall of Fame players.    What it has come down to is that I feel I don't need more than 5 sets of those cards.  As far as some of my other massive sets Fleer 88, Fleer 89, Fleer 90, Fleer 91, Topps 88, Topps 90, Donruss 89, Donruss 90, and Donruss 91 - I will probably only keep 2 sets each of these sets.
On another note, I have continued to make improvements to my website, both visually and utility wise.  The core of the database itself, nothing new.

Updates on collection and room.

What else is going on with my card room and collection?
1) I have just started rearranging my storage room that currently stores binders of many a thousands of baseball cards.  I'm planning on putting up new lighting and a switch installed for the lighting.  I'm also planning on purchasing some new binders to replace older failing binders.  While doing that, I'm going to be reprinting many new labels for these binders with a uniform labeling.
2) Once I wrap up the Topps 1989 card sets, it will be time to start tackling all the Upper Deck sets that I own from 1989 to 2000.  Most of these are completely uncatalogued.  I suspect I own more than 50,000 cards.  After cataloging these, I will have a better feel.
3) I'm going to have to expand my baseball card database again and add another volume.  I'll continue to fill up the existing volumes until then.

1989 continued

This is what over half way done looks like. Less than two boxes left to sort and store in the binders.

Yes, I have marked a milestone with my Topps 1989 Card project. I have sorted through over half now. It is looking like I have nearly 10 complete sets of this collection. When I have all the cards in all 10 binders, I will then start to catalog them. I don't expect the cataloging will take nearly as long as sorting all these cards.

I don't often talk about baseball card supplies but I have purchased a new 9 pocket card pages by Titanshield. I have used quite a few different brands before and at various price points, but this company is a first. I was very pleased with the purchase for the price vs quality. These pages are just the right mil in thickness. so many are either too thin or too thick. The textured back for flipping pages is also a nice touch. Paid $19.99 for 100 on Amazon.

Collection Status Update

I'm doing a little bit more every day. Alright, yes it has been a bit since I posted on the "crazy nines" project or the collection in general, so I'm posting a general post. 
First, I'm opening up my baseball card storage room again. With so many 1989 cards - Donruss, Fleer, Topps Standard, Topps Big, Topps Bowman, Score - left to sort that will be going to SO many binders (at least ten binders for just Topps 1989 Standard), I will not have room for these binders in my Cubs baseball card room. The problem with this other room is very poor lighting, so I'm looking at options. I'm thinking that I will possibly put up LED strip lighting on the shelves.  Of course I will need a way to turn this on and off.
I'll probably start hanging some of favorite Cardinals and White Sox stuff in the Cubs Room.  I guess it would no longer be a Cubs room though.  But I'll post more updates on that stuff.

Topps 89 cont / card room video

I am still working on Topps 1989 cards and putting them in binders. I try to do some cards everyday. Sooner or later, it will become less daunting as more and more cards become organized. With three boxes to go through, I have a while to get there.

I also wanted to take a moment to announce that I created a new video to highlight my baseball card room.

I also feel my website ( ) might be a little misleading with people thinking I have most of my Cubs cards cataloged and that could be further from the truth. I really want to get back to cataloging all my Cubs baseball cards with currently 1,753 cataloged as of writing this. Further more, I'm really curious what my new current count of Ryne Sandberg cards are.

Crazy 9s project

I have renamed the Topps 1989 project the Crazy 9s projects. I'm at a stopping point. I have pressed as far as I could without buying supplies. At minimum, I need new 9 card sheets. I can't really go out to the card stores and get these. I'm wondering how bad I wish to purchase these online with shipping and taxes. So to sum up the collection configuration and naming. Each binder will have 9 pages of 9 cards per page with 9 copies of each page for the year 89. At this moment, I'm 100% sure I have 2 complete sets of 1989 Topps. I'm 95% sure I have three complete sets. 85% sure I have 4 complete sets. After that, I'm not sure at all how likely I have 5 or more. Although I'm not hopeful that I have 9 complete sets, I'm still proceeding as I do.

The Topps 1989 project: Day 3

At the end of day 3 on the 1989 Topps project, I'm still no where near being done or even close to half way. What I am close to is running out of storage material. I need to purchase more sheets and binders and will be out tomorrow.

Additionally, after day 3 I have come to the conclusion that I will *probably* have 4 full sets and 4 mostly complete sets. But as they say, time will tell with my progress of this major sorting and cataloging project. I'm considering storing these sets in volumes instead of a set per binder. I would think this would make finding the card you are looking for much easier.

The Topps 1989 project: Day 2

OK, I have started day two of this project and I guess I can say it is going fairly well. One binder almost done.

Update: 7/May/2020
After a couple of days working on this, I'm proceeding as if I have 5 complete sets of 1989 Topps. I may have to bump up to 6 complete sets. I already almost have 1 complete set in binder. Just after 2 days of rummaging through just 2K of these cards, it is becoming obvious which cards are common and what cards were more scarce. It is feels like this was something that Topps did on purpose. I still have 3 1/3 dual row boxes of 1989s I have not even touched yet. I'm finding this actually really fun and when I'm done, I will know exactly how many 1989 cards I have without manually and randomly cataloging them.

Update again: 7/May/2020
OK, that has escalated fast :) I am currently treating this as I am completing 8 full 1989 Topps sets. I still have a long way to go with this project. Yet the more I work on this, the more I am convinced T…

Collection Status

I have just acquired many of a thousand baseball cards. Basically, someone else's whole collection. I have already been cataloging the obvious wholes in my collection with these newly acquired cards. But now I'm going to stop (pause) cataloging. I have a new sub project. I'm guessing I probably owned two or three complete 1989 Topps sets. Now I think I'v have added at least that many again. With that many cards of just 1989 Topps, it is a little overwhelming. So I though about how to approach this and came to the conclusion of binders. I know I have written that I would never go to binders again, but I think this would be the easiest and less space consumption way of handling this. So I'm going to literally fill up 4-6 binders in number order with 1989 Topps. I probably only keep on set and set the other sets off. This of course will take quite a bit on time and thus the pause in cataloging.

Complete redesign of my web site has been completely redesigned over the weekend. I wanted to look more modern while improving usability and layout. New icons to give an idea to areas functions. Lighter colors that are hopefully easier on the eyes. More compressed view when possible. I also removed broken functionality when found. There are some similarities to previous designs and layouts.

Update my card room photo

with staying at home being focused on, I have updated and rearranged my room. I do have more plans, but here are photos I took last night.

This will allow me to enjoy what I have collected with easy access to all.

What else would I like to do?
- Cubs light fixture
- Cubs Rug
- Hang Cubs bats
- Some type of border trim

Who did 1981 better?

I am very fond of 1981 in baseball card collecting. that was the second year as a youngster I was purchasing cards as a collector. I was thrilled that my Uncle's convenience store next to my grandmother was selling 1981 Donruss baseball cards. What was unique about the Donruss is they put the year of the card right on the front of the card, unlike what Topps or Fleer had ever done.

Visual comparison with photo of cards in my collection.
All cards shown are from my personal collection.

Cards as shown Left: Topps / Center: Fleer / Right: Donruss
The year 1981 was the first time in baseball card history that there were three sets of baseball cards from which to choose: Topps, Fleer, and Donruss.
Topps issued a large set of 726 Cards. The green wax packs contained 15 cards and one piece of gum.
Fleer issued a large set of 660 Cards. The read wax packs contained 17 cardsand one piece of gum. .
Donruss issued an unexpectedly large set, although smaller than Topps or Fleer, …

Collection progress

Another one of these, "I don't know why", but the 1981 Fleers set has always been on of my favorite sets. Easily beating both Topps that year, although both designs are very similar (baseball hat vs. baseball). It is not like I hate the 1981 Topps, but Fleer is just better that year.

The information I'm trying to relay is that my Cubs 1981 Fleer set is complete with all 25 cards and a total of 27 (two duplicates). This makes me fairly happy in that I love this set so much. My White Sox 1981 Fleer set is at 6 cards (two duplicates). My Cardinals 1981 Fleer set is at 2 cards. Lastly, my Red Sox 1981 Fleer set is at 3 cards. This brings my 1981 Fleer set to a total of 90 cards. Compare that to my Fleer sets?
1,463 1989 Fleer cards 819 1990 Fleer cards 707 1991 Fleer cards 668 1988 Fleer cards 90 1981 Fleer cards
My other recent purchase is that I have also mostly completed my 2003 Topps Cubs set with 22 cards. This leaves me the following years witho…

Light at the end of the tunnel

Still no baseball games of any sort [sob]. Just playing various baseball video games and going through my baseball card collection.

As far as my baseball card collection. As almost always focusing on Cubs Team sets. I just need 2002 and 2003 Topps Cubs team sets to fill my team shelves (and about 15 more bins to put the rest of the sets in). Looking now at how to acquire these for the best price/quality. I am not sold on the 2002 Topps. Although a very interesting design, I am considering the 2002 Fleer as a replacement for Topps 2002. Why? Simply because it is a better looking set. My opinion of course, but I think the blue on blue looks awesome. Additional goals, I'm also looking to complete my 1981 Fleer and Topps for Cubs and White Sox. 1981 Topps is almost complete and need quite a few for Fleer.
Also I need 5 more cards for my 1983 Topps Cubs. I'm lucky to have the 9 core cards.…

Every Cubs Catcher from 1874 to 2020

Player Name Year(s) Played Fergy Malone 1874 Henry Gilroy 1874 Terry Connell 1874 Dick Higham 1875 Scott Hastings 1875 Deacon White 1876 Bill Traffley 1878 Phil Powers 1878 William Harbridge 1878-1879 Tom Dolan 1879 Lew Brown 1879 Silver Flint 1879-1889 Sy Sutcliffe 1884-1885 Jim McCauley 1885 Bill Krieg 1885 Ed Gastfield 1885 George Moolic 1886 Lou Hardie 1886 Tom Daly 1887-1888 Dell Darling 1887-1889 Duke Farrell 1888-1889 Pete Sommers 1889 Jake Stenzel 1890 Chuck Lauer 1890 Tom Nagle 1890-1891 Marty Honan 1890-1891 Malachi Kittridge 1890-1898 Bill Merritt 1891 Bill Bowman 1891 Pop Schriver 1891-1894 Bill Moran 1895 Tim Donahue 1895-1900 Con Daily 1896 Art Nichols 1898-1900 Roger Bresnahan …

Completed my Cubs Topps 2014

I don't know why it took so long, but I have completed my 2014 Cubs Team set with 26 cards. Possibly because I have been obsessed with my Cubs 50s and 60s sets. But the fact is I love Topps Standard 2014 cards and the variants. It is truly one of Topps better modern sets.

Full listing can be seen on the below link:

My Top 58 best Cub sets - 7 worst

Below is a list of 60 Cubs Team sets that I adore Rank Set Year What is great_____________ 1 Topps 1965 5 great Players, design 2 Topps 1983 Sandberg Rookie, design 3 Topps 1984 Players Design 4 Topps 1967 blue skies design 5 Topps 2016 World series team 6 Topps 2017 World series 7 Topps 2018 great design 8 Topps 2014 love the alternates within 9 Topps 1958 simple and fun 10 Fleer 1990 simple 11 Topps 1960 colorful in goofy way 12 Topps 1961 colorful with two HoF rookies 12 Fleer LL 1986 fan of stripes 13 Topps 1962 Brock rookie 14 Topps 1963 lots of greats and great design 15 Topps 1964 clean 16 Topps 1968 different 17 Topps 1969 67 with circles 18 Topps 1970 clean 19 Topps 1971 dark 64 20 Topps Big 1988 back to great 21 Topps Big 1989 back to great tweaked 22 Topps 1973 23 Topps 1974 …

2020 MLB Preseason Rankings [800]

1. Christian Yelich |OF |Brewers |Pos rank:OF1 |Proj:36HR,112R,100RBI,22SB,.304AVG 2. Ronald Acuña Jr. |OF |Braves |Pos rank:OF2 |Proj:37HR,107R, 93RBI,29SB,.282AVG 3. Mike Trout |OF |Angels |Pos rank:OF3 |Proj:44HR,124R,112RBI,14SB,.297AVG 4. Cody Bellinger |OF (1B) |Dodgers |Pos rank:OF4 |Proj:42HR, 99R,115RBI,12SB,.287AVG 5. Nolan Arenado |3B |Rockies |Pos rank:3B1 |Proj:40HR,100R,114RBI, 3SB,.296AVG 6. Mookie Betts |OF |Dodgers |Pos rank:OF5 |Proj:31HR,111R, 87RBI,17SB,.280AVG 7. Gerrit Cole |SP |Yankees |Pos rank:SP1 |Proj:15W, 280K, 3.26 ERA, 1.04WHIP 8. Alex Bregman |3B (SS) |Astros |Pos rank:3B2 |Proj:32HR,106R,102RBI, 6SB,.287AVG 9. Francisco Lindor |SS |Indians |Pos rank:SS1 |Proj:35HR,112R, 95RBI,22SB,.288AVG 10. Justin Verlander |SP |Astros |Pos rank:SP2 |Proj:16W, 266K, 3.45 ERA, 1.04WHIP 11. Max Scherzer …

Continued... Who were the best Cubs?

Rank, Player's , Cubs, Career, Cubs, Career, Career, Career, Career, Hof ID , Name , WAR, WAR, Hits, Hits, HRs, BA, RBI, 0001, Cap Anson , 84.7, 94.3, 3012, 3435, 97, .334, 2075, yes 0002, Ron Santo , 72.1, 70.5, 2171, 2254, 342, .277, 1331, yes 0003, Ryne Sandberg , 68.1, 68.0, 2385, 2386, 282, .285, 1061, yes 0004, Ernie Banks , 67.5, 67.5, 2583, 2583, 512, .274, 1636, yes 0005, Billy Williams , 61.8, 63.7, 2510, 2711, 426, .290, 1475, yes 0006, Gabby Hartnett , 59.1, 60.1, 1867, 1912, 236, .297, 1179, yes 0007, Sammy Sosa , 58.8, 58.6, 1985, 2408, 609, .273, 1667, no 0008, Fergie Jenkins , 54.8, 84.1, 147, 148, 13, .165, 85, yes 0009, Stan Hack , 52.6, 52.6, 2193, 2193, 57, .301, 642, no 0010, Rick Reuschel , 49.1, 69.5, 133, 187, 4, .168, 79, no 0011, Clark Griffith , 47…

Team sets update

Topic: Baseball Cards- Team sets
I just acquired a nice Topps 1966 Ron Santo bringing my Santo number up to 20 now. I'm now feeling pretty good about most of my 60s Cubs team sets now. I'm going to keep this post up top for a bit while I work on it.
[ ] 1960 CHI Cubs Topps 10 cards [ ] 1960 CHI WS Topps 0 cards [ ] 1960 STL Card Topps 0 cards [ ] 1960 BOS RS Topps 0 cards [ ] 1960 CHI Cubs Fleer 1 card [ ] 1960 CHI WS Fleer 0 card [ ] 1960 STL Card Fleer 0 card [ ] 1960 BOS RS Fleer 0 card [x] 1961 CHI Cubs Topps 11 cards [ ] 1961 CHI WS Topps 1 card [ ] 1961 STL Card Topps 0 cards [ ] 1961 BOS RS Topps 0 cards [ ] 1962 Chi Cubs Topps 9 cards [ ] 1962 CHI WS Topps 0 card [ ] 1962 STL Card Topps 0 cards [ ] 1962 BOS RS Topps 0 cards [x] 1963 Chi Cubs Topps 10 cards [ ] 1963 CHI WS Topps 1 card [ ] 1963 STL Card Topps 0 cards [ ] 1963 BOS RS Topps 0 cards [ ] 1963 Chi Cubs Fleer 1 cards [ ] 1963 CHI WS Fleer 0 card [ ] 1963 STL C…

Favorite Topps sets by Decade - 1960s

1960s Decade - Winner is 1965 Topps
- The 1960s for Topps has a lot I love and a lot I hate. But from the first time I saw the 1965 Topps set, I loved it. I can't say that for any other set in the 60s. The Cubs and Cardinals sets really shine for this year. Lets face it, Topps has not always been kind to the Cubs.
- - 1965 Topps Cubs
- - 1965 Topps White Sox
- - 1965 Topps Cardinals
- - 1965 Topps Red Sox
1960s Decade - Runner up is 1967 Topps
- - 1967 Topps Cubs
1960s Decade - Honorable mention is 1963 Topps
- - 1963 Topps Cubs

Baseball card database update and other stuff.

Topic: Personal
I promised Maddison and Paige I would watch My Hero Academia. It is important for them that I see this show with them, so I'm going to give it a try.

Topic: Baseball Cards
I have moved all my code to point to my internal photo database. I have hundreds of photos up and I'm surprised on how little space it is taking up. Even though I have a fraction of the material up on my site, I will probably start to remove more photos from Flikr now.

Topic: Linux
There has been a very productive stream of development on the FVWM 3 front. I would not be surprised if there is not a Beta put out by the end of February.

Topic: Mustang
If there is one thing I would want to change about my Mustang, it would be the shifting. It is by far not the worst stick I have ever driven (1969 Chevy Camaro was), but it is far from the best. Seriously, that Camaro stick and clutch REALLY sucked. I found a fairly inexpensive short throw for my car at only $90-$110. But once I watched the vi…

My Top Cubs Card Count

Number of baseball cards I have for each Cubs Multi All-Star or Hall of Famer. 45 great players ordered by how many cards I have of each player.
Line Number Item of Cards Name _ 1 1 Cap Anson 2 1 Mordecai Brown 3 1 Hack Wilson 4 1 Gabby Hartnett 5 3 Willson Contreras 6 3 Rick Monday 7 3 Ryan Dempster 8 4 Bob Buhl 9 4 Ben Zobrist 10 5 Glenn Beckert 11 5 Carlos Zambrano 12 6 Ron Cey 13 6 Dave Kingman 14 6 Larry Jackson 15 6 Kerry Wood 16 6 Fergie Jenkins 17 6 Don Kessinger 18 6 Alfonso Soriano 19 7 Jon Lester 20 7 Javier Baez 21 8 Starlin Castro 22 8 Bill Madlock 23 9 Larry Bowa 24 9 Ernie Banks 25 11 Lou Brock 26 13 …

Derek Jeter

Today Derek Jeter was inducted to the Hall of Fame. In addition to now being in the Hall of Fame, he was the Rookie of the Year in 1996. A 14 time All-Star. Won 5 World Series. 5 Gold Gloves. 5 Silver Slugger. World Series MVP and All-Star MVP

I do have his 1996 Topps rookie card:
1996 Topps Standard 219 Derek Jeter NY Yankees Future Star

His 2012 Panini highlight card
2012 Panini Tripple Play 057 Derek Jeter NY Yankees

2014 Topps Standard US002 Derek Jeter NY Yankees "All-Star card"

His final card:
2015 Topps Standard RHR-05 Derek Jeter NY Yankees "First HomeRun 1996"

1960's Topps Cubs team sets revisited

Why am I reposting about my 1960s Topps? Because I have made some significant adds this Winter including now having all of Billy Williams Cubs cards.
See billy cards
Because I have written multiple applications to look at these team sets.
See all Cubs cards

1960 Topps Cubs (incomplete, 8 cards)

- Only landscape Topps set baseball card set to appear again until Topps 1988 Big set.
- One of the "Busiest" Topps designs of all times with altering text color and randomized color layout.
- One of my weakest Cubs sets concerning important Cubs players.
- Highlighted players (2):
- - Ernie Banks (67.5) and Walt Moryn (9.9)
- Link:

1961 Topps Cubs (incomplete, 11 cards)

- A favorite team set because it contains Hall of Fame rookies of Santo and Williams
- Vertical boxed layout that still utilizes a randomized color layout.
- Highlighted players (4):
- - Frank Thomas (18.5), Ron Santo (70.5), Billy Williams (63.7), Jim Brewer (15.9)
- Link: h…

Bunch of stuff.

On a personal level, I'm starting a new diet. Like in the past with health related stuff, I may log on my blog. I'm at 242 (as of tonight) and shooting for at least to go down to 210 - if not 200.

On a baseball card collecting level, I just acquired a 1965 Topps Ron Santo #110 in really great shape. I have all the cards I have been wanting for Topps 65, so I'm happy. That is the 15 primary cards for the Cubs 1965 team set. On the Cubs 1969 team set I picked up Ernie Banks. I possibly will have additional 12 1969 cards soon making the set mostly complete.

For displaying my collection, I added a ton of code to show all the major brands that I collect. I also added additional date logic.

I picked up MLB 09 The Show of my PlayStation 2 this weekend. Pretty fun, although I lost all three games I played so far. :)

Done with Flickr Part II

First, I forgot to wish a happy New Year! Another year of blogging to come!

Secondly, I have found it interesting that Flickr is claiming they are in financial trouble if they don't get more paying members. And here I'm saying I'm tired of Flickr and making my own replacement. I did start this before Flickr made their announcement. I continue to photograph completely over ad I added it to my site.

I have a working protocol. Currently it only uses three parameters (year, year1, year2), but I have more planned (team, brand). Currently the script defaults to Cubs and Topps.

An example of how to use the parameters to show a range (year1 and year2):

An example of how to use the parameters to show a single year: