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Complete redesign of my web site has been completely redesigned over the weekend. I wanted to look more modern while improving usability and layout. New icons to give an idea to areas functions. Lighter colors that are hopefully easier on the eyes. More compressed view when possible. I also removed broken functionality when found. There are some similarities to previous designs and layouts.

Update my card room photo

with staying at home being focused on, I have updated and rearranged my room. I do have more plans, but here are photos I took last night. This will allow me to enjoy what I have collected with easy access to all. What else would I like to do? - Cubs light fixture - Cubs Rug - Hang Cubs bats - Some type of border trim

Who did 1981 better?

I am very fond of 1981 in baseball card collecting. that was the second year as a youngster I was purchasing cards as a collector. I was thrilled that my Uncle's convenience store next to my grandmother was selling 1981 Donruss baseball cards. What was unique about the Donruss is they put the year of the card right on the front of the card, unlike what Topps or Fleer had ever done. Visual comparison with photo of cards in my collection. All cards shown are from my personal collection. Cards as shown Left: Topps / Center: Fleer / Right: Donruss The year 1981 was the first time in baseball card history that there were three sets of baseball cards from which to choose: Topps, Fleer, and Donruss. Topps issued a large set of 726 Cards. The green wax packs contained 15 cards and one piece of gum. Fleer issued a large set of 660 Cards. The read wax packs contained 17 cardsand one piece of gum. . Donruss issued an unexpectedly large set,

Collection progress

Another one of these, "I don't know why", but the 1981 Fleers set has always been on of my favorite sets. Easily beating both Topps that year, although both designs are very similar (baseball hat vs. baseball). It is not like I hate the 1981 Topps, but Fleer is just better that year. The information I'm trying to relay is that my Cubs 1981 Fleer set is complete with all 25 cards and a total of 27 (two duplicates). This makes me fairly happy in that I love this set so much. My White Sox 1981 Fleer set is at 6 cards (two duplicates). My Cardinals 1981 Fleer set is at 2 cards. Lastly, my Red Sox 1981 Fleer set is at 3 cards. This brings my 1981 Fleer set to a total of 90 cards. Compare that to my Fleer sets? 1,463 1989 Fleer cards 819 1990 Fleer cards 707 1991 Fleer cards 668 1988 Fleer cards 90 1981 Fleer cards My other recent purchase is that I have also mostly completed my 2003 Topps Cubs set with 22 cards. This leaves me the following year