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Cubs room update -3

As little time as I have to put towards the Cubs card room, this project looks to be slow going.  So just another small update. Below is a photo of snaps and blue ribbon to bind the top-loaders of the teams sets that I purchased. Here is a photo of the new shelving to display team sets and various Cubs art.

Baseball card room redo - post 2

This is a status update before photos: 1) I have the display shelves ordered and should be here Oct 22nd or 23rd. 2) All walls are painted. 3) All cards have been moved back to the house and back in the room 4) All 60 Cubs team sets have been selected for display out of my over 130 Cubs Team sets.

Redoing Cubs baseball card room

I have been quiet on this blog, but I am completely redoing my Cubs baseball card room (and house). Currently, I have pulled everything out of the room. In order to better display my Cubs team cards, I'm going to to make a display consisting of numerous shelves that hold as many team sets as possible on each. Here is the layout that I have been working on: