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A new mile stone has been reached with over 15,000 baseball cards cataloged. Feels a little overwhelming with so many cards to go.  Still not close to getting halfway done.  I may never finish cataloging.   The next set I'll be working on will be something different than 1989 and something other than Topps.  With 9,000 total Standard 1989 Topps cards, it is skewing the collection statistics.  I plan on trying to sell about 4,000 of those including Hall of Fame players.    What it has come down to is that I feel I don't need more than 5 sets of those cards.  As far as some of my other massive sets Fleer 88, Fleer 89, Fleer 90, Fleer 91, Topps 88, Topps 90, Donruss 89, Donruss 90, and Donruss 91 - I will probably only keep 2 sets each of these sets. On another note, I have continued to make improvements to my website, both visually and utility wise.  The core of the database itself, nothing new.