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My hobby status [with updates].

 I am still putting binders together of 1989 Fleer and 1993 Upper Deck and it is going slow.  Making lots of boxes of extra cards that I can sell or trade.  I'm trying to put any significant sets in binders now.  I'm also purchasing and bidding on 1965 Topps cards again.  Just purchased a Topps 1965 Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente, and a Mickey Mantle.  I have bids on Topps 1965 Willie Mays and Eddie Mathews.  Likely hood I get either is very remote.  So what stinks here is I'm watching prices rise again as the hobbie has become much more popular in 2020.  That whole supply / need thing.  I'm OK with only a few people enjoying this hobby. LOL Update Sep 1, 2020. Lost the bid on the Willie Mays and Eddie Mathews, but found another Willie Mays. Update again Sep 1, 2020 My 1993 Upper Deck binders are done.  2 full binders. One binder 100% full and the other 97% full.