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The 3 worst valued cards in Topps 1965

This blog entry is about the 5 worst valued cards in the Topps 1965 set. I'm also including runner ups in this category. How did this post come about? Well, I have my baseball card collection is now on hold.  I have packed up my over 50 thousand cards while I prepare to move to my new home.  But while packing and sorting my Topps 1965 collection, I stumbled on some cards of players I new little about. But first I would like to mention players that did not quite make it to the least valuable cards list. There was some redeeming reason in their career that makes their card value a low common. None the less, their career WARs were pretty bad: Name WAR Team Card# Dalton Jones -3.9 Red Sox 178 Dave Nicholson 0.5 White Sox 183 Jim Coker -0.1 Reds 192 Jim Stewart -1.2 Cubs 298 Vic Roznovsky -0.8 Cubs 334 Joe Christopher 0.2 Mets 495 card #1 of the worst 3 First of which is of Bob Meyer (card # 21

Binders that I have put together

Here is a list of baseball card binders that I have put together, or in the act of putting together. 1965 Topps               1 binder 1967 Topps               1 binder 1970 Topps               1 binder 1975 Topps               1 binder 1977 Topps               1 binder 1978 Topps               1 binder 1979 Topps               1 binder 1981 Fleer               1 binder 1982 Topps               1 binder 1983 Topps               1 binder 1984 Topps               1 binder 1985 Topps               1 binder 1985 Donruss             1 binder 1986 Topps               1 binder 1986 Fleer               1 binder 1986 Donruss             1 binder 1987 Topps               1 binder 1987 Donruss             1 binder 1988 Topps               1 binder [in progress] 1988 Fleer               1 binder 1988 Donruss             1 binder 1988 Score               1 binder 1989 Standard Topps      6 binders [all 6 completed] 1989 Standard Fleer      2 binders [in progress almost com

New FVWM..... FVWM 3 is released!!

  vwm3-1.0.0 released Repository:  fvwmorg/fvwm3  · Tag:  1.0.0  · Commit:  5c920c3  · Released by:  ThomasAdam This is the first public release of  Fvwm3 . Migration from  Fvwm2  ->  Fvwm3 Every effort has been taken to ensure backwards compatability with  Fvwm2  as much as possible. Although the configuration syntax remains the same, there some breaking changes with this first release of  Fvwm3 . Details are below... Incompatible Changes The following are changes or features in this release of  Fvwm3  which are known not to work or are incomplete in some way. In each case, more information can be found by looking at  Fvwm3 's issue list. EdgeScroll  -- can behave strangely if using more than one monitor PanFrames  -- can sometimes be placed inconsistently around monitor borders, meaning switching desks/pages with >1 monitor can sometimes misbehave; FvwmPager  -- moving windows within the pager can sometimes make them appear in a different location to where they should be. C