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Power sluggers of the NL 2019 season.

At nearly half way through the season (morning of 6/26/2019), here are your National League sluggers sorted by home run rankings: RK Player Team Pos G AB R H 2B 3B HR 1 Yelich, C MIL RF 71 266 63 91 16 2 29 2 Alonso, P NYM 1B 79 287 52 80 17 2 27 3 Bellinger, C LAD RF 77 275 62 97 17 2 25 4 Renfroe, H SD LF 72 233 35 58 12 1 23 5 Moustakas, M MIL 2B 71 271 49 76 16 0 22 6 Freeman, F ATL 1B 79 312 59 97 21 2 21 7 Bell, J PIT 1B 76 293 57 91 28 3 20 7 Marte, K ARI 2B 76 311 53 97 17 4 20 7 Ozuna, M STL LF 75 285 52 73 13 0 20 7 Pederson, J LAD LF 71 220 45 51 4 3 20 7 Reyes, F SD RF 75 238 31 58 7 0 20 12 Acuna Jr., R ATL LF 79 318 55 92 10 1 19 12 Arenado, N COL 3B 77 298 57 97 17 2 19 12 Baez, J CHC SS 77 310 52 89 19 3 19

GT500 Announcement!

In case you haven't heard, just released on Twitter, the Shelby GT500 Mustang will have 760 horse power! The vehicle will sport a 5.2L super charged V8 and will produce a maximum of 760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque. Ford says this is its fastest-ever street-legal Mustang. Now the world waits for the price.  Source: Ford - pictured [ Engine for the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500.]

2019 Car Shows/Meets

2019 Car Shows/Meets Event: Mustang Club of America "Stampede to the Heartland" When: Jul 18 2019 / 8 AM When: Jul 21 2019 / 5 PM Type: Public Event Hosted by: Heartland Motorsports Park and Mustang Club of America Where: Heartland Motorsports Park    7530 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, Kansas 66619 Event: Antique Auto Exhibit When: Aug 4 2019 / 9 am- 3pm Type: Public Event Where: David Davis Mansion About: Beautiful, historic cars in a beautiful, historic setting – that’s the promise of 22nd Annual Antique Car Exhibition. More than 75 cars from the 1900s through the 1980s will be displayed on the mansion grounds. This year, we will also be featuring the 33rd Regimental Band in a special Civil War era concert on the lawn. There will also be picnic foods and beverages for sale and free, self-guided tours of the mansion will be offered! Event: Cruise-In When: August 11 / 4 pm- 9 pm Where: Uptown Normal About: A full-scale cruise-in sponsored by the Car

Andre Dawson collection as of June 2019

Andre Dawson collection as of June 2019 Like Ryne Sandburg, Andre Dawson is on of my most collected Hall of Fame Cubbie! As soon as I had started collecting Cubs, I was searching out Andre Dawson. I still remember  buy Andre Dawson's rookie card in a card show in the 80's and how proud I was to own that card. Here is my collection at a glance: Year Brand Series Card # Name Team Note . 1978 Topps Standard 072 Andre Dawson Mon Expos rookie card 1981 Topps Standard 125 Andre Dawson Mon Expos 1983 Topps Standard 680 Andre Dawson Mon Expos 1985 Leaf Donruss 421 Andre Dawson Mon Expos 1987 Leaf Donruss 009 Andre Dawson Chi Cubs Diamond Kings 1987 Topps Standard 345 Andre Dawson Mon Expos 1988 Fleer St

Is there a future for e-Mustang

Is there a future for an electronic Mustang? Ford continues to tease about a non-gasoline, electronic, Mustang coming in the future. But I see this a risky future for the Pony line. I'm not a car engineer.  I also don't have an inside track with any car manufacturer's  engineering team.  I just have a few thoughts on this. First, the majority of Mustang lovers love the sound of a Mustang.  Especially any Mustang in the GT line. Electric cars are notorious for being super quiet.  To the point the blind don't like them for safety reasons. Then there is weight of electric cars. Currently Ford is making lighter, more powerful, faster cars than Ferrari. In fact, Ford purchased Ferrari cars when developing the 6th generation to ensure they were. The engine itself on the 6th generation 5.0 L engines are at least 12 pounds lighter. But electric cars are heavy. The heavier the vehicle, the more power is lost moving down the road and Mustangs are about performance.

Making the Perfect Layer Cake

Making the Perfect Layer Cake  Many people think that baking a cake is as easy as buying a box of mix and then adding water and a couple of eggs. True, this will produce a cake, but it will be far from perfect. It’s best to start from scratch. Choosing the proper fresh ingredients and maintaining good technique is key. Ingredients  Always start by preheating your oven. A preheated oven is key to even baking. If you throw a pan in an oven that's still heating up, you will end up with a cake that is burned on the top and still batter on the bottom.  Then choose the ingredients. It's a good idea to set out all the ingredients in the beginning so that you don't end up with a half-mixed batter only to realize you are out of eggs. The kind of layer cake you’re making requires different recipes. Choose cake flour to increase the lightness of a cake or a whole wheat flour to increase the density of a cake. The kind of sugar you use can also make or break a cake. White sugar

My old stang and my new stang.

There is nearly 50 years difference between my first red 1967 Mustang and my newer 2016 Mustang. Completely different cars concerning how they are made and the technology used by each. Yet, sitting behind the steering wheel on both cars are oddly the same spirit of the vehicles. The fact you hear the engine. The rumble from their V8 or V6 is something I will miss when cars all go electric. The long red hood you stare over with twin ridges. The three chrome pieces on the steering wheel with the horse in the middle. Round gauges The simple way you sit in the seat. The heavy doors that you open and close when you get in and out of the vehicle. Of course the steering wheel, suspension, safety, and power are all better than any Mustang made in the 60s. But somehow Ford makes a Mustang feel like a Mustang and Mustangs makes me smile. Ford vision, or the DNA of the Mustang, as the following: Flat front grille Twin eyebrow dash Round gauges on console Tri-bar

My new (to me) 'Stang

⭕My new toy I got for Father Day/Birthday (a week early). This is my 50th birthday to shut me up about wanting a Mustang again.                     ⭕ This Mustang is a 2016 (6th Generation), Race Red, V6 3.7L 300HP engine, 6-Speed Manual, upgraded rear suspension, aluminum wheels, and factory installed blade spoiler. ⭕Detailed Description: 2016 Ford Mustang V6 in Race Red: Body:         2D Coupe fastback Exterior: Race Red (2016 Ford Race Red PQ M7236) with factory blade rear spoiler (Optional equipment) Wheels: 18" Silver painted aluminum 5 spoke (Optional equipment) Tires: Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 235/50R18W (Optional equipment) Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Engine: The Duratec 37 227.4 cu (Cyclone) 3.7L V6 Ti-VCT 24V 300 HP (224 kW) at 6,500 270 lb⋅ft (366 N⋅m) at 4,000 Interior:     Ebony Cloth Bucket Seats Center Con:   Sync Communications & Entertainment System        

My Ryne Sandberg Collection

This will be my second recent post on players I collect. Ryne Sandberg was just a natural choice to collect being a HoF, a Cubbie, and so many different cards made. So far, I have 58 cataloged cards of Ryne Sandberg (including some duplicates). I probably have more in my collection that have not been unsealed. x Year Brand Series Card# Name(s) Team Note _ 1983 Topps Standard 083 Ryne Sandberg Chi Cubs rc (perfect mint) 1984 Topps Standard 596 Ryne Sandberg Chi Cubs 1985 Topps Standard 460 Ryne Sandberg Chi Cubs 2 1986 Fleer League Leaders 039 Ryne Sandberg Chi Cubs 3 1986 Topps Standard 690 Ryne Sandberg Chi Cubs 1987 Leaf Donruss 077 Ryne Sandberg Chi Cubs 2 1987 Topps Standard 680 Ryne Sandberg Chi Cubs 1988