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Nights of sorting cards for new cabinet

I have not much to blog about other than I have spent days sorting through 15 thousand baseball cards. With the purchase of my new cabinet, came a lot of work. I now have a way of sorting cards more effectively. I took tonight off so I'm blogging about it and having TV night with the wife. The Hello Kitty with the Cubs shirt in the photo is an addition from the kids. Not sure how I feel about having that in my card room. lol I have been going through the contents of every box. Slowing down the process is the fact I have less than 9 thousand card cataloged. What I did have cataloged was not cataloged in any means other than random. I did finalize the contents of the drawers as the following (basically most of my favorite small collections):

Cubs and Cardinals Rankings

MLBN’s Top 100 Players and Sports Illustrated Top 100 lists are out. Currently Cubs only have 5 Cubs players in both of the lists. A total of 8 Cubs players make a list. Cardinals only have 4 players to make top 100 for either list. Even worse for the Cardinals; the poor Cardinals don't even have any top #25 players. This is why the "experts" are claiming the Cubs will trample the Cardinals this year. I have some opinions and the season will say if I'm right or wrong, but I believe that Willson Contreras should be a little better in the rankings for both lists. I'm guessing the gap between Kris and Anthony is due to projections based on age. Here are the Cubs and Cardinals rankings: Rankings AVG SI MLB Player Team #6 #3 #8 Kris Bryant Cubs #23 #23 #23 Anthony Rizzo Cubs -top 26-50 #38 #45 #32 Marcell Ozuna Cardinals -top 51-100 #60 #53 #67 Yu Darvish Cubs #55 #51 #59 Tommy Phram

Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame players

Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame players At least 1 item Name Years in collection Pete Alexander 1918-1926 Cap Anson 1876-1897 Yes Richie Ashburn 1960-1961 Ernie Banks 1953-1971 Yes Roger Bresnahan 1900, 1913-1915 Lou Brock 1961-1964 Yes Mordecai Brown 1904-1912, 1916 Yes Frank Chance 1898-1912 John Clarkson 1884-1887 Kiki Cuyler 1928-1935 Andre Dawson 1987-1992 Yes Dizzy Dean 1938-1941 Hugh Duffy 1888-1889 Dennis Eckersley 1984-1986 Yes Johnny Evers 1902-1913 Jimmie Foxx 1942, 1944 Goose Gossage 1988 Yes Clark Griffith 1893-1900 Burleigh Grimes 1932-1933 Gabby Hartnett 1922-1940 Yes Billy Herman 1931-1941 Yes Rogers Hornsby 1929-1932 Monte Irvin 1956 Fergie Jenkins 1966-1973,19

baseball card storage

After months of looking at stores and on the web, I have discovered that no one sells reasonable storage for baseball cards that are not cardboard/wood/steel boxes to stick in a closet.  Ok. I can't say no one. Unless you are willing to spend literally thousands of dollars. I'm not willing 2 to 10 K of my money! With as many collectors out there, I find the fact there are no real options amazing. I have decided to try a CD storage cabinet.  This 40" tall cabinet cost less than $300.  Top loaders are 3" wide.  The drawers are 5" wide, so there is wasted space.  Each drawer will hold at least 150 top loaders x 24 drawers = 3750 cards. So that is not many, but it is better than sticking cards in cardboard boxes in the closet.

Topps Cubs 1963-1965

My lean years of Chicago Cubs baseball card collecting is 1963-1965. At the time of writing this - between all three years, I only have 11 cards. I do have Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, and Lou Brock stuck in there though. All three years were very important in the fact that they influenced may years of baseball card designs to come. 1963 Topps influenced 1983 Topps and many others. 1963 Fleer influenced 1973 Topps and many others. 1964's simple design influenced many, many years including 1986 Topps. 1963 Ron Santo Fleer 1963 Topps 1964 Lou Brokc Topps 1964 Topps Ernie Banks DB ID Name Photo Brand Team Year Series Collection # c01477 Dick Ellsworth Topps Chi Cubs 1963 Standard 399 d01844 Andre Rodgers Topps Chi Cubs 1963 Standard 193 d01845 Ron Santo Fleer Chi Cubs 1963 Standard 032 d01847 Don Landrum Topps Chi Cubs 1963 Standard 113 e00048 Bob Buhl Topps Chi Cubs 1963 Standard 175 a00010 Er

Topps 1966 - 1967

1966 was not a horrible year for Topps, but not a 'pretty' one either.  The orange trim for the Chicago Cubs cards just feels odd for me. My largest collection of 60s baseball cards are the 1967.  Fourty-one total cards. A favorite year of mine because of the simplicity and photography. So many of the cards are photographs of players with a cloudless blue sky. So I have nicked named the set - "the blue sky set".  I posted about the 1967 set in 2016.  That posts sums it up."414" DB ID Name Brand Team Year Series Collection # c00093 Glenn Beckert Topps Chi Cubs 1966 Standard 232 c00266 Ed Bailey Topps Chi Cubs 1966 Standard 246 c00267 George Altman Topps Chi Cubs 1966 Standard 146 c00268 Bob Humphreys Topps Chi Cubs 1966 Standard 342 c00269 Bob Buhl Topps Chi Cubs 1966 Standard 185 c00270 Ty Cline Topps Chi Cubs 1966 Standard

My dice collections

Just post'n about my dice "collection". I don't really *collect* dice. Not like I do with baseball cards, but.... I do love them, so I'm sharing. First things first - How do I catalog/describe my dice? I have broken up my collection of dice into 7 dice types, 4 dice functions types, and 4 dice displays types: Dice Base Types: 4d=   4 sided   6d=   6 sided   8d=   8 sided   10d= 10 sided   10dT= 10 base 10 sided   12d = 12 sided   20d = 20 sided   Dice function types: N= number C= compass B= body S= situation Dice display types: Top or vertical aligned 1= Bottom, horizontal, and/or underscored. 2= Pip-scored 3= Pip only numbers 4= Here is a listing of my collection: Set 1 - 7 pcs - black Set 2 - 7 pcs - Royal Purple (CHX 27467) 4d N2 black 4d N1 purple