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Topps 89 cont / card room video

I am still working on Topps 1989 cards and putting them in binders. I try to do some cards everyday. Sooner or later, it will become less daunting as more and more cards become organized. With three boxes to go through, I have a while to get there. I also wanted to take a moment to announce that I created a new video to highlight my baseball card room. I also feel my website ( ) might be a little misleading with people thinking I have most of my Cubs cards cataloged and that could be further from the truth. I really want to get back to cataloging all my Cubs baseball cards with currently 1,753 cataloged as of writing this. Further more, I'm really curious what my new current count of Ryne Sandberg cards are.

Crazy 9s project

I have renamed the Topps 1989 project the Crazy 9s projects. I'm at a stopping point. I have pressed as far as I could without buying supplies. At minimum, I need new 9 card sheets. I can't really go out to the card stores and get these. I'm wondering how bad I wish to purchase these online with shipping and taxes. So to sum up the collection configuration and naming. Each binder will have 9 pages of 9 cards per page with 9 copies of each page for the year 89. At this moment, I'm 100% sure I have 2 complete sets of 1989 Topps. I'm 95% sure I have three complete sets. 85% sure I have 4 complete sets. After that, I'm not sure at all how likely I have 5 or more. Although I'm not hopeful that I have 9 complete sets, I'm still proceeding as I do.

The Topps 1989 project: Day 3

At the end of day 3 on the 1989 Topps project, I'm still no where near being done or even close to half way. What I am close to is running out of storage material. I need to purchase more sheets and binders and will be out tomorrow. Additionally, after day 3 I have come to the conclusion that I will *probably* have 4 full sets and 4 mostly complete sets. But as they say, time will tell with my progress of this major sorting and cataloging project. I'm considering storing these sets in volumes instead of a set per binder. I would think this would make finding the card you are looking for much easier.

The Topps 1989 project: Day 2

OK, I have started day two of this project and I guess I can say it is going fairly well. One binder almost done. Update: 7/May/2020 After a couple of days working on this, I'm proceeding as if I have 5 complete sets of 1989 Topps. I may have to bump up to 6 complete sets. I already almost have 1 complete set in binder. Just after 2 days of rummaging through just 2K of these cards, it is becoming obvious which cards are common and what cards were more scarce. It is feels like this was something that Topps did on purpose. I still have 3 1/3 dual row boxes of 1989s I have not even touched yet. I'm finding this actually really fun and when I'm done, I will know exactly how many 1989 cards I have without manually and randomly cataloging them. Update again: 7/May/2020 OK, that has escalated fast :) I am currently treating this as I am completing 8 full 1989 Topps sets. I still have a long way to go with this project. Yet the more I work on this, the more I am convin

Collection Status

I have just acquired many of a thousand baseball cards. Basically, someone else's whole collection. I have already been cataloging the obvious wholes in my collection with these newly acquired cards. But now I'm going to stop (pause) cataloging. I have a new sub project. I'm guessing I probably owned two or three complete 1989 Topps sets. Now I think I'v have added at least that many again. With that many cards of just 1989 Topps, it is a little overwhelming. So I though about how to approach this and came to the conclusion of binders. I know I have written that I would never go to binders again, but I think this would be the easiest and less space consumption way of handling this. So I'm going to literally fill up 4-6 binders in number order with 1989 Topps. I probably only keep on set and set the other sets off. This of course will take quite a bit on time and thus the pause in cataloging.