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Updates on collection and room.

What else is going on with my card room and collection? 1) I have just started rearranging my storage room that currently stores binders of many a thousands of baseball cards.  I'm planning on putting up new lighting and a switch installed for the lighting.  I'm also planning on purchasing some new binders to replace older failing binders.  While doing that, I'm going to be reprinting many new labels for these binders with a uniform labeling. 2) Once I wrap up the Topps 1989 card sets, it will be time to start tackling all the Upper Deck sets that I own from 1989 to 2000.  Most of these are completely uncatalogued.  I suspect I own more than 50,000 cards.  After cataloging these, I will have a better feel. 3) I'm going to have to expand my baseball card database again and add another volume.  I'll continue to fill up the existing volumes until then.

1989 continued

This is what over half way done looks like. Less than two boxes left to sort and store in the binders. Yes, I have marked a milestone with my Topps 1989 Card project. I have sorted through over half now. It is looking like I have nearly 10 complete sets of this collection. When I have all the cards in all 10 binders, I will then start to catalog them. I don't expect the cataloging will take nearly as long as sorting all these cards. I don't often talk about baseball card supplies but I have purchased a new 9 pocket card pages by Titanshield. I have used quite a few different brands before and at various price points, but this company is a first. I was very pleased with the purchase for the price vs quality. These pages are just the right mil in thickness. so many are either too thin or too thick. The textured back for flipping pages is also a nice touch. Paid $19.99 for 100 on Amazon.  

Collection Status Update

I'm doing a little bit more every day. Alright, yes it has been a bit since I posted on the "crazy nines" project or the collection in general, so I'm posting a general post.  First, I'm opening up my baseball card storage room again. With so many 1989 cards - Donruss, Fleer, Topps Standard, Topps Big, Topps Bowman, Score - left to sort that will be going to SO many binders (at least ten binders for just Topps 1989 Standard), I will not have room for these binders in my Cubs baseball card room. The problem with this other room is very poor lighting, so I'm looking at options. I'm thinking that I will possibly put up LED strip lighting on the shelves.  Of course I will need a way to turn this on and off. I'll probably start hanging some of favorite Cardinals and White Sox stuff in the Cubs Room.  I guess it would no longer be a Cubs room though.  But I'll post more updates on that stuff.