My old stang and my new stang.

There is nearly 50 years difference between my first red 1967 Mustang and my newer 2016 Mustang.

Completely different cars concerning how they are made and the technology used by each.
Yet, sitting behind the steering wheel on both cars are oddly the same spirit of the vehicles.

  • The fact you hear the engine. The rumble from their V8 or V6 is something I will miss when cars all go electric.
  • The long red hood you stare over with twin ridges.
  • The three chrome pieces on the steering wheel with the horse in the middle.
  • Round gauges
  • The simple way you sit in the seat.
  • The heavy doors that you open and close when you get in and out of the vehicle.
Of course the steering wheel, suspension, safety, and power are all better than any Mustang made in the 60s. But somehow Ford makes a Mustang feel like a Mustang and Mustangs makes me smile.

Ford vision, or the DNA of the Mustang, as the following:

  • Flat front grille
  • Twin eyebrow dash
  • Round gauges on console
  • Tri-bar tail lamps
  • Shark bite nose
  • Hockey stick side.

In fact I read a review that stated the Cons: **Edmonds web review

  • Impractical back seat
  • Performance package ride quality can be bouncy
  • Long, heavy doors and mediocre cabin access
Heck, if it didn't have these cons, it wouldn't be a Mustang ;)


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