Is there a future for e-Mustang

Is there a future for an electronic Mustang?

Ford continues to tease about a non-gasoline, electronic, Mustang coming in the future. But I see this a risky future for the Pony line. I'm not a car engineer.  I also don't have an inside track with any car manufacturer's  engineering team.  I just have a few thoughts on this.

First, the majority of Mustang lovers love the sound of a Mustang.  Especially any Mustang in the GT line. Electric cars are notorious for being super quiet.  To the point the blind don't like them for safety reasons.

Then there is weight of electric cars. Currently Ford is making lighter, more powerful, faster cars than Ferrari. In fact, Ford purchased Ferrari cars when developing the 6th generation to ensure they were. The engine itself on the 6th generation 5.0 L engines are at least 12 pounds lighter. But electric cars are heavy. The heavier the vehicle, the more power is lost moving down the road and Mustangs are about performance.

Additionally, there will be major changes in a vehicle's suspension when weight of the vehicle is distributed.

The near future of the Mustang is near and it looks impressive. Ford is just about to release the GT500, and "By the Numbers" (see

HP: 700+
0-60 mph: mid-3.0 seconds
1/4-mile: < 11 seconds
Front Brakes: 420mm
Hood Vent: 6.03 sq. ft.
Transmission Shifts: capable of < 100 milliseconds

All of these specs are just insane!! So my parting questions are, do we have the technology in electric cars to do this?  Maybe we do.  If we alter the car so much to be electric, will it still be a Mustang at heart?

(image copyright by Ford)


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