More thoughts on the 2020 GT500.

Most ridiculous issue in my mind is $10,000 option for stripes on the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500. There is NO OTHER manufacture that charges this price. Not even the exotic 500k cars manufactures...This is Ford saying we don't want to put factory stripes on this car. Have it done yourself for a faction of the price, but if you really want us to do it, hand over another 10k!

Most most overblown non-issue with this vehicle is the 10-speed duel clutch automatic transmission. My take on this is Ford promised their fastest production car ever. You can not achieve this with a manual transmission. No human can outperform this transmission. Yes, people like the control that you feel with a manual, but once again, Ford promised the *fastest* production ford car in their history. They have promised certain numbers that will not be achievable with the manual.

Ford is still getting beat at the line with all-wheel performance sports cars with less HP. I feel Ford still is missing this mark. 2020 could have been the year Ford makes a car that shoots off the line with near zero loss in torque.


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