2020 Cubs - End of Era

Here are my predictions. I think it is safe say to these individual will probably not be with the Cubs in 2020:

Pedro Strop - worst year yet in relief and closing. He is a free agent. With a 4.99 ERA in his contract year he is as good as gone.

Steve Cishek - 13 million contract price vs mediocre production. The Cubs will gladly let him enter free agency after his performance over the last two years.

Jon Lester - Continuously declining in performance. His record in 2019 does not show how horrible he truly was. Offense has bailed him out many times.

Brandon Morrow - Nobody cares why he will be gone and will soon forget he played for the Cubs.

Cole Hamels - He was to improve the overall pitching rotation. Cubs will part ways with him.

Nicholas Castellanos - the only player on this list the Cubs should fight for, but probably will not.

Ben Zobrist - Extremely reliable as player, but aged, becoming slow on the bases, and will not fit in future plans.

Ian Happ - 2019.... 'nuff said :(

Addison Russel - too much of a headache for the Cubs with too little results. I think the Cubs are willing to eat some money to wash their hands.

Almora Jr - fallen out of favor with Cubs because of his bat.

Joe Maddon - End of contract. Did not deliver playoffs in 2019. Cubs will want to change things up. I feel this is still 50/50 chance.
[Updated 9/29/2019] Gone!

Tony Kemp - most likely a pit stop with the Cubs. A few years from now nobody will remember he played for the team.

Robel Garcia - another player I feel the Cubs think of as disposable.

Daniel Descalso - with little performance, I don't think he will find a place with the Cubs.

Kimbrel - A frustrated fan's favorite to get rid of.


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