New FVWM..... FVWM 3 is released!!


vwm3-1.0.0 released

Repository: fvwmorg/fvwm3 · Tag: 1.0.0 · Commit: 5c920c3 · Released by: ThomasAdam

This is the first public release of Fvwm3.

Migration from Fvwm2 -> Fvwm3

Every effort has been taken to ensure backwards compatability with Fvwm2 as much as possible. Although the configuration syntax remains the same, there some breaking changes with this first release of Fvwm3. Details are below...

Incompatible Changes

The following are changes or features in this release of Fvwm3 which are known not to work or are incomplete in some way. In each case, more information can be found by looking at Fvwm3's issue list.

  • EdgeScroll -- can behave strangely if using more than one monitor
  • PanFrames -- can sometimes be placed inconsistently around monitor borders, meaning switching desks/pages with >1 monitor can sometimes misbehave;
  • FvwmPager -- moving windows within the pager can sometimes make them appear in a different location to where they should be.

Core dependencies required to build Fvwm3

These libraries have been made mandatory, and the devel versions as well as the binary versions will be needed for both compilation and run-time:

  • librandr (>= 1.5)
  • libbson (>= 1.16.2)
  • libevent-dev (>= 2.0)
  • libxt-dev

For further details, see:

Functional changes

New additions

  • RandR support can be configured via the DesktopConfiguration command. If this command is not present in a user's configuration file, the default behaviour is to mimick Fvwm2, whereby when switching desks/pages, the same desk/page across all monitors is changed. This is what the global option to DesktopConfiguration does. If per-monitor is specified, then each monitor has its own list of desktops/pages which can be configured independently of one another.
    • FvwmPager has gained a new option Monitor to work with independent monitors.
  • FvwmMFL -- a new module to supply third-party programs with fvwm3 state information`
  • FvwmPrompt -- a new module written in golang./configure --enable-golang needed at compile time
  • FvwmForm has been reinstated.
  • The GotoDesk command has learned a new option next to go to the next desktop.
  • The core of fvwm3 no longer logs to stderr, and instead a dedicated file ($[FVWM_USERDIR]/fvwm3-output.log by default) is used to capture debug information from fvwm3
    • This logging can be toggled by sending SIGUSR2 to running fvwm3 instance.
  • FvwmForm: the Timeout option now operates in 1000ms, rather than in seconds.
  • Colorsets have gained the following options: .lighten.darken.hash to help with colour manipulations without requiring PipeRead/external tools.
  • FvwmEvent gains: monitor_enabledmonitor_disabledmonitor_changed event hooks to react to when RandR changes. Usual fvwm functions/scripts can take advantage of this.
  • A few new expansion variables for monitors: $[monitor.<n>.x], ... which expose information from RandR

Removed features

  • Support for Xinerama has been removed, replaced with RandR.
  • The Recapture and RecaptureWindow commands have been removed;
  • FvwmConsole is deprecated; FvwmPrompt is preferred if golang is installed and --enable-golang is used at compile time.
  • libstroke support has been removed.
  • The following modules have been removed:
    • FvwmBanner -- can use an external program for this;
    • FvwmCommand/FvwmCommandS -- replaced with FvwmPrompt
    • FvwmCpp /FvwmM4 -- old and not used by many users;
    • FvwmProxy -- interesting experiment, but removed. Some functionality may well integrate in to the core of fvwm3.
  • fvwm-bug and fvwm-menu-headlines scripts have been removed.

Reporting Problems

Please report any problems using GitHub's issue tracker for Fvwm3:

This release has 3 assets:

  • fvwm3-1.0.0.tar.gz
  • Source code (zip)
  • Source code (tar.gz)

Visit the release page to download them.


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