1961 Topps Cubs Cards

With my newest post, I'm moving on to the next year with Topps 1961 Cards.

In 1961, Topps changed it up considerably with a much simpler card. Specifically, Topps went to a vertical design and one photo per player. The set consists of 587 cards.  It has a large color photograph of the player on each card's front, with the player's name and team printed across the bottom.  The text is much simpler, but the card still have a very boxy layout and use alternating colors like the 1960 set.  The quality of some of the photos are horrible.  If they are photo quality, half have the players are staring off in some odd direction. 1960 Topps cards were ugly also, but they had effort put into them and they were fun.  1961 cards lack those two qualities. The best of this set is that it contains Cubs rookies, Ron Santo (#35) and Billy Williams (#141).

Cubs 61s

1961 Topps Cubs

1961 Topps Cubs

Here are the Cards in my collection featured in this post:
DB ID    Name           Brand   Team      Year   Series      # 
b01543   Frank Thomas   Topps   Chi Cubs  1961   Standard   382 
b01544   Glen Hobbie    Topps   Chi Cubs  1961   Standard   264 
b01545   Jim Brewer     Topps   Chi Cubs  1961   Standard   317 
b01546   Sammy Taylor   Topps   Chi Cubs  1961   Standard   253 
e00045   Moe Thacker    Topps   Chi Cubs  1961   Standard   012 
e00046   Danny Murphy   Topps   Chi Cubs  1961   Standard   214

Cards I wish I had in my collection:
1961 Topps Ernie Banks
1961 Topps Ron Santo
1961 Topps Billy Williams

Again, I'm attaching this little note:
Each year I post, I will pick 3 to 9 cards to feature from that year and/or brand.


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