baseball card storage

After months of looking at stores and on the web, I have discovered that no one sells reasonable storage for baseball cards that are not cardboard/wood/steel boxes to stick in a closet.  Ok. I can't say no one. Unless you are willing to spend literally thousands of dollars. I'm not willing 2 to 10 K of my money! With as many collectors out there, I find the fact there are no real options amazing.

I have decided to try a CD storage cabinet.  This 40" tall cabinet cost less than $300.  Top loaders are 3" wide.  The drawers are 5" wide, so there is wasted space.  Each drawer will hold at least 150 top loaders x 24 drawers = 3750 cards. So that is not many, but it is better than sticking cards in cardboard boxes in the closet.


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