Collection Status Update

I'm doing a little bit more every day. Alright, yes it has been a bit since I posted on the "crazy nines" project or the collection in general, so I'm posting a general post. 

First, I'm opening up my baseball card storage room again. With so many 1989 cards - Donruss, Fleer, Topps Standard, Topps Big, Topps Bowman, Score - left to sort that will be going to SO many binders (at least ten binders for just Topps 1989 Standard), I will not have room for these binders in my Cubs baseball card room. The problem with this other room is very poor lighting, so I'm looking at options. I'm thinking that I will possibly put up LED strip lighting on the shelves.  Of course I will need a way to turn this on and off.

I'll probably start hanging some of favorite Cardinals and White Sox stuff in the Cubs Room.  I guess it would no longer be a Cubs room though.  But I'll post more updates on that stuff.


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