New version of FVWM!

News on new a FVWM release

I'm happy to say that 2019 has a new release of the FVWM window manager! Yes, I'm still a fan and the previous release had not been since March 31, 2018.
FVWM is the Linux, BSD, AIX, or for that matter almost any OS graphical interface that can be anything you want. That is why I love it. The configuration of this window manager allows your desktop and windows to behave and look anyway your imagination...well.. can imagine.
Changes are in the stable release 2.6.9 (not officially released, yet there it is on FVWM site)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix handling of configure’s –enable-mandoc/–enable-htmldoc
Note, the changes for the last STABLE release start with release 2.6.0.

See for the FVWM release. Also See for some of my cheesy themes I created for FVWM some time ago.


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