Bunch of stuff.

On a personal level, I'm starting a new diet. Like in the past with health related stuff, I may log on my blog. I'm at 242 (as of tonight) and shooting for at least to go down to 210 - if not 200.

On a baseball card collecting level, I just acquired a 1965 Topps Ron Santo #110 in really great shape. I have all the cards I have been wanting for Topps 65, so I'm happy. That is the 15 primary cards for the Cubs 1965 team set. On the Cubs 1969 team set I picked up Ernie Banks. I possibly will have additional 12 1969 cards soon making the set mostly complete.

For displaying my collection, I added a ton of code to show all the major brands that I collect. I also added additional date logic.

I picked up MLB 09 The Show of my PlayStation 2 this weekend. Pretty fun, although I lost all three games I played so far. :)


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