1960 Cubs cards

As a Chicago Cubs baseball collector, I have decided to start blogging about this subset of my collection. Yes, I have blogged about Cubs baseball cards before, but this is a little different. I'm going to start with my 1960 cards and go all they way to 2017. With so many years and sets, this should keep me occupied for quite some time.

I love collecting 60s baseball cards. There are good designs and bad ones, but *almost* all fun. The problem collecting these cards are the expense and quite a few less of them out there that are in great condition.

1960 Fleer Baseball Cards

The 1960 Fleer Set of Baseball Greats has 80 baseball cards. Not a great looking set and not a horrible looking set either.  Maybe this is why this set was not overly popular at the time. The set showcases the great retired players from the first half of the 20th Century. This was Fleer's first baseball card set and the start of their "retro" sets. The cards in this set are normally a little less expensive that that of the 1960s Topps. A bonus? Yes, all great players, so a winning set for collectors. All but 5 of the players in the set are in baseball's Hall-of-Fame.
1960 Mordecai Brown

1960 Topps Baseball Cards

The 1960 Topps Baseball Card Set contains 572 cards. The boxy, ugly, yet colorful design and horizontal layout make the cards an easy set to recognize. Colors are randomized on cards. The letters of the players name alters. Each card has a small and large images of the players. Yet all of this makes this a fun set.

Cubs cards Cubs 60s
1960 Topps

Here are the Cards in my collection featured in this post:
DB ID   Name             Brand   Team       Year   Series     #
a01235  Mordecai Brown   Fleer   Chi Cubs   1960   Standard  009
c00090  Art Ceccarelli   Topps   Chi Cubs   1960   Standard  156
c00091  Lou Johnson      Topps   Chi Cubs   1960   Standard  476
c00616  Al Schroll       Topps   Chi Cubs   1960   Standard  357
e00049  Walt Moryn       Topps   Chi Cubs   1960   Standard  074

Cards I wish I had in my collection:
1960 Topps #560 - Ernie Banks All-Star
1960 Topps #010 - Ernie Banks

Each year I post, I will pick 3 to 9 cards to feature from that year and/or brand. This might make some years a little more difficult than others.


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