The Topps 1989 project: Day 2

OK, I have started day two of this project and I guess I can say it is going fairly well. One binder almost done.

Update: 7/May/2020
After a couple of days working on this, I'm proceeding as if I have 5 complete sets of 1989 Topps. I may have to bump up to 6 complete sets. I already almost have 1 complete set in binder. Just after 2 days of rummaging through just 2K of these cards, it is becoming obvious which cards are common and what cards were more scarce. It is feels like this was something that Topps did on purpose. I still have 3 1/3 dual row boxes of 1989s I have not even touched yet. I'm finding this actually really fun and when I'm done, I will know exactly how many 1989 cards I have without manually and randomly cataloging them.

Update again: 7/May/2020
OK, that has escalated fast :) I am currently treating this as I am completing 8 full 1989 Topps sets. I still have a long way to go with this project. Yet the more I work on this, the more I am convinced Topps purposely does not distribute their sets evenly. Really buying cards on the shelf and not in complete boxes is probably the dumbest and least economically way to purchase baseball cards - and the most logical reason for Topps doing this. They make more money keeping you searching for cards. Sad thing is you would have to acquire cards like I do to have a chance to completing. A little dishonest making someone think they had a reasonable chance without spending a fortune.


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