Collection Status

I have just acquired many of a thousand baseball cards. Basically, someone else's whole collection. I have already been cataloging the obvious wholes in my collection with these newly acquired cards. But now I'm going to stop (pause) cataloging. I have a new sub project. I'm guessing I probably owned two or three complete 1989 Topps sets. Now I think I'v have added at least that many again. With that many cards of just 1989 Topps, it is a little overwhelming. So I though about how to approach this and came to the conclusion of binders. I know I have written that I would never go to binders again, but I think this would be the easiest and less space consumption way of handling this. So I'm going to literally fill up 4-6 binders in number order with 1989 Topps. I probably only keep on set and set the other sets off. This of course will take quite a bit on time and thus the pause in cataloging.


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