Crazy 9s project

I have renamed the Topps 1989 project the Crazy 9s projects. I'm at a stopping point. I have pressed as far as I could without buying supplies. At minimum, I need new 9 card sheets. I can't really go out to the card stores and get these. I'm wondering how bad I wish to purchase these online with shipping and taxes. So to sum up the collection configuration and naming. Each binder will have 9 pages of 9 cards per page with 9 copies of each page for the year 89. At this moment, I'm 100% sure I have 2 complete sets of 1989 Topps. I'm 95% sure I have three complete sets. 85% sure I have 4 complete sets. After that, I'm not sure at all how likely I have 5 or more. Although I'm not hopeful that I have 9 complete sets, I'm still proceeding as I do.


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