PlayStation Classic Controllers

1) Can you use the USB PlayStation Classic controller on a PC?

Yes, yes you can. Despite what several YouTubers have claimed. At least it does work on Linux and Windows PCs. I have not tested on a Mac. Don't believe me, plug it in and test the device through the device settings. Once you plug in the controller to the PC, on Windows the system will show a quick windows stating "setting up controller". You can test and see the actual buttons being pressed under Devices and Printers Test tab.

Evaluating the USB, I found that it registered to the USB port as:
Descritpion: USB Input Device
Device Type: HID (Human Interface Device)
Vedor ID:    054c
Product ID:  0cda
Vendor Name: Sony Corp.
USB Class:   03    [x03h is Keyboard, mouse, joystick, game controler]
Triagle=button 1
Circle =button 2
X =Button 3
square =Button 4
That said, if you purchased the PlayStation Classic solely for the game controllers, that would be $30 dollars each and that would be a bit expensive for their capabilities.

2) Can the USB PlayStation Classic controller be mapped to keyboard output on PC for emulators?

Yes, yes you can. There are many ways of doing this. I used the Keysticks application. With Keysticks ( application, I was able to map the Sony game controller to use on my Z26 emulator and/or generally control my PC.

A free alternative:
Joy2Mouse3 is more difficult to setup but much more powerful/configurable (plus free) :)

3) Can other game controllers be used on the PlayStation Classic?
Probably. For example, the XBox 360 game controller works very close to the PlaySation classic game controller. I also know the Xbox 360 Game controller can be programmed to be used on the PC.


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