Post 1 - Ed Averett games, Alien Invader/Time Lord

I'm going to start my Odyssey2 posts by posting games made by Ed Averett. The first two I'm posting about are top-down shooters; Alien Invaders - Plus and Attack of the Time Lords. In the two year difference between these games, it is clear how much Ed improved on his programming. One of the biggest difference between the games is that Alien Invaders was programmed with 2K while Attack of the Time Lord, he was afforded 4k.

The photos of the cartridges and manuals are from my personal collection. The screen shots are from an emulator. Alien Invaders - Plus

Attack of the Time Lord

Game      : AA9428
Title     : Alien Invaders - Plus
Console   : Odyssey2
Year      : 1980
Publisher : Magnavox
Programmer: Ed Averett
Voice     : No
Grade     : C
Game      : AC9445
Title     : Attack of the Time Lord
Console   : Odyssey2
Year      : 1982
Publisher : Phillips
Programmer: Ed Averett
Voice     : Yes
Grade     : A


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