PlayStation 1 Classic Menu Icons

On my PS1 Classic
I was curious about the menu icons and have learned a few new things other than they should be 226x226. The PNG files should be RGB and don't have much limitations on colors. So I reworked the menu icons. For example, the Atari icon I had made:

So I remade my menu as:

These look much better on the screen.

This is the information I used to create the config file (Game.ini) for the menu:
Discs     , Title                    , Publisher  , players, Year
SLUS-01427, Atari  Anniversary       , Atari      , 2      , 2001
SLUS-00884, Star War Episode I       , Lucas Arts , 2      , 1999
SLUS-01235, Rayman 2 The Great Escape, Ubi Soft   , 1      , 2000
SCUS-94228, Spyro The Dragon         , Sony       , 1      , 1998

On my SNES Clasic
For my SNES Classic, I have added the Doom ROM using Hakchi2 CE 3.5.2 tool. Honestly, since Nintendo and Sony made the classic consoles so easy to mod, I believe they expected the community to do so. If everyone was going to buy Raspberry Pis, and play their own ROMs, why should they not get some cash out of an official product.


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