Odyssey 2 games and my 4 day flash back romance

Saturday I started playing something I had not in years, my Odyssey 2 games. I no longer have the console and would not be able to play it anyway because the hookup, but I found a good emulator and grabbed the ROMs that I own. I have to say, I still love Odyssey games more than Atari 2600. Some are not done as well, while others are *so* much betters. But the overall fun-factor still lives on with Odyssey and that is not something I can say about many Atari 2600 games. I was lucky enough that my parents purchased most, not all, but far majority of the titles for me. So I decided to post about my collection. The color for the games were always more vibrate that Atari's Unfortunately I don't have ROMs for all my cartridges and currently don't have a way to create them. If I can convince my wife it is worth the money, I would like to create an Odyssey2 console/ROM reader.

Here is a quick link to the List of my Odyssey2 games here.

I have a ton of photos of cartridges, manuals, and screenshots I will probably be sharing over the next few days.


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