To the roots of this blog.

This Blog started way back in December 2000 with Retro arcade gaming blog with other gaming stuff. Much of the content was hardware/cabinet related. Some content was ROM related and other just general game information. Of course back then, I was using my own blogging software and today I'm using Blogger.

To reflect, Here are my first 5 posts: Oh the fun, kinda really miss the building/restoring/repairing cabinet days. You can see much more of that stuff here.

A few years after that, the blog became a general blog and later baseball/baseball cards. I guess the point of this posts is to say, yes I'm posting a bit more on Retro Gaming. Yes, I will still post about baseball cards, but I plan on taking the rest of the topics out. Currently I'm considering building a Odyssey 2 console, not a ROM emulator, but one that will play cartridges and download ROMs for the cartridges. I also plan to post more on ROM emulators and how to make them or hack commercial ROM emulators. Lastly I might start writing hardware/accessory setups and reviews for game systems. Will I do more arcade cabinet stuff? Probably not, although I still do have some of my circuits, game controls, and marques I saved from my cabinets (sold everything else).


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