Ed Averett and all known KC Munchkin games!

It would be difficult to talk about Ed Averett without discussing his most famous game, K.C. Munchkin. Released in 1981 for the Odyssey2, K.C. Munchkin was the PacMan like game that was not only MUCH better than Atari's PacMan but was also released two years before Atari could put out the game. Magnavox had asked Ed to make a maze game similar to PacMan, but not so close that Magnavox would be legally liable. This was one of the first games to use the expanded 4k memory. This game turned out so good, it put Odyssey2 on the video console map. Many say the concepts in this game made K.C Munchkins better than the whole PacMan concept. In interviews, Ed has mentioned that this favorite game he programmed. Mazes that changed by moving their walls and/or walls that turned invisible while playing. The games has pills and power pills that ran away from you. There are only 12 pills (called munchies) in each maze, which begin in four groups of three but move through the maze independently and at speeds that increase as each one is eaten. The final munchie moves at the same speed as the Munchkin and must be intercepted rather than followed. The super-pills are called blinking munchies because they flash and change color. Lastly there are no memorization of patterns like pacman. None the less, Atari sued and Magnavox had to stop selling K.C. Munchkin. This was a first of a kind law-suite. In today's world, Atari would not have won. Ed followed up with the amazing game K.C. Krazy Chase in 1982. This version also used 4k memory and and had voice synth and new characters. Ed would write write a total of 3 games in the series:

Title          : K.C. Munchkin     
  Platform     : Odyssey2 
  Game ID      : AC9435
  Description  : How many Munchies can your Munchkin munch
  Year         : 1981
  Publisher    : North America Phillips
  Programmer   : Ed Averett
  4k           : Yes
  Voice        : No
  Grade        : -A Recommended
  Game video   : Game play video

Title          : K.C. Krazy Chase  
  Platform     : Odyssey2
  Game ID      : AC9442
  Description  : Starring K.C. Munchkin! In this episode our hero confronts the 
                 dreaded tree-eating Dratapillars of Venus!
  Year         : 1982
  Publisher    : North America Phillips
  Programmer   : Ed Averett
  4k           : Yes
  Voice        : Yes
  Grade        : A Recommended
  Game video   :  Game play video

Title          : K.C. Returns     
  Platform     : Windows 7/8/10
  Game ID      : 
  Description  : If you can see it, you can solve it! Microscopic KC to repair DNA
  Year         : 2015
  Publisher    : Averett and Associates LLC
  Programmer   : Ed Averett
  Grade        : A Recommended
  Game video   : Game play video

The Odyssey2 faded from market, but people were not done with K.C.. Since at least 1998, several Home-brew games have popped up. I'm not sure how many, and honestly, I'm not sure how Ed feels about these games. That said, here are 4 other inspired games I found:

A faithful remake!

Title           : Atari KC Munchkins  
  Platform      : Atari 7800
  Game ID       :
  Description   : K.C. Munchkin clone that runs on Atari 7800 
  Year          : 2014
  Programmer    : Robert DeCrescenzo  
  Publisher     : AtariAge.com
  Grade         : A Recommended
  Game video    :Game play video

Newer Odyessy game based on Ed's work

Title           : J.G. Munchkin 
  Platform      : Odyssey2
  Game ID       :
  Description   : K.C's foul-mouthed bother. Remake of Attack of the Time Lord
  Year          : 1998
  Publisher     : William Cassidy
  Programmer    : -VPaC (William Cassidy?)
  Grade         : Not graded.
  Game video    : Game play video

Very loosely based
Title           : MyMan KC Munchkins  
  Platform      : Windows/DOS/Linux
  Game ID       :
  Description   : Maze game inspired by K.C Munchkins
  Year          :
  Programmer    :
  Publisher     :
  Grade         : Not graded.

Title           : K.C.'s Crazy Nightmare 
  Platform      : Atari 2600
  Game ID       :
  Description   : K.C. has found himself trapped in a Atari 2600 system along with some 
                  enslaved O2 zombies
  Year          : 2009
  Programmer    : John A. Reder 
  Publisher     : TACTICAL NEURONICS
  Grade         : Not graded.


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