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Defenders Vol 1 4

The newest Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok, had everyone pretty excited.  The movie appeared to be something new for Marvel with the particular paring of super heroes.  I must say I enjoyed the movie.  But the movie was not a completely original Marvel work of art. In reality, back in 1973, Marvel had Valkrie, Thor, Hulk, Dr Strange, and Loki all together then.  Yes, the story scenario is much different, but there are similarities. Starting Feb 1973, The Defenders vol 1 issue 4 - the super hero group, The Defenders consisted of Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, Hulk, and Valkyrie (This was her first appearance with Defenders, issue she joins the team.)

I didn't read these early Defenders growing up.  I did not start reading The Defenders 'till issue 105.
By then, these comics had become much more soap-opera like.

Valkyrie of the old comics is not the same as the Valkyrie of the movies, The spirit of the Asgardian has possessed the body of an earth woman in the early Marvel world.

In the movie, the big sell was having Thor and the Hulk fight. In the 1973 issue 10 of The Defenders, that is exactly what happens. I thought this was the first time the two fought each other, but this comic was 3 time out of 15 times in the comic.  But this comic is a gem with many pages of the two muscles fighting each other.  The fight ended in a draw.

 Few snap shots of panels drawn of the fight.
 Here is a good summary of Thor vs Hulk



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