XTDOS game site

Another great gaming site for those great DOS games you have not touched in years - - XTDOS.com
Unlike the two sites I posted about yesterday, XTDOS specializes in DOS based games.  And there were some great ones.

Today I played some more old favorites like

Doom II

They even have my old classic favorites like Commander Keen


And man I was a little rusty at WarCraft II


I'm someone who literally owned all the Kings Quest games.  Unfortunately, all are not represented on the site.  The site only has I, II, and II:


Even has the DOS version of Golden Axe.  This was actually the first version I owned before I had it on cartridge for the Sega Genesis, 3 Sega Geneses retro consoles, and the Xbox 360. :)


But just like the original, you need a copy of the manual to play.


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