Making a custom dice box. Part III

In my previous blog posts I had not show the base color that I was using for the base paint.  I described it as a dark charcoal, but here is the exact palette.

Since my last post, I have acquired my $5 dollars in supplies to continue my project.  In the center of the box, I plan on having a metal plate with a dragon punched into it.  The plate will also be bronzed.  Here I have a ruler near it to show it's actual size.  This is a old steel plate that came with some magnets I purchased some seven years ago.
Paige made me some possible rough dragon sketches to uses on the plate on my box.  I doubt that any of these will be used though.  I will know the right one when I see it.

The plate will be held on with some braided cord.  I picked this up for a couple bucks.  It should look good with brown and bronze.

I marked where I will drill the holes to put the braided cord through.

For a couple dollars, I also purchased some bronzed decorative corner pieces to put on the box.

They will probably be glued on the corners after the painting is done.

For a $1.30 a dark brown acrylic for the second layer of paint.  It is a dull, leather color. I applied it with a very soft sponge.  I made sure that the darker charcoal was not completely covered. The photo below is what it looked like mostly dry. I'm not sure it looks like leather, but I do think it looks kinda cool.  If you click on the photo below, you will see the full top of the box.


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